[Video of the Week] TheColorGrey – Thin Lines

The Antwerp based artist TheColorGrey is back with another music video for the song “Thin Lines”. In this video, we see him bringing girls back to his hotel room (Hotel Rubenshof in this case) and wondering about his feelings. TheColorGrey gives us a preview of what seems to be an evening that consistently repeats itself. We even see him coming across himself in the hallway of the hotel with another girl. Thanks to the one-shot style filming, we can easily follow the story he tells us in his song, and like in his other music videos, here too there is a touch of romance. With complicated relationships, trust issues and love stories, TheColorGrey seems to be walking on a thin line indeed – a perfect mix before Valentine’s Day.

The young and talented artist is on his way to “putting Antwerp on the map” as he said in an interview for The World Magazine. Let’s hope for him, for Antwerp and for the Belgian music scene that he will achieve this goal.

Watch the music video right here :