[New Music Video] – Watch Young Thug’s amazing video NOT featuring Young Thug

 Young Thug dropped his summer mixtape JEFFERY who’s first track is called Wyclef Jean. This information is not really important and is simply fact. What IS interesting though is the music video that was produced for the track. Pomp&Clout were hired to produce the clip which naturally should have featured the two artists. What happened next should make anyone laugh out loud. Young Thug never showed up to the $100.000 shoot and so the directors had to improvise. The clip describes what it should have looked like with “tiny cars, bad bitches riding them, kids dressed up as police officers and a cop car getting destroyed”. Seeing as Young Thug never turned up and only sent the directors a clip of himself eating cheetohs, Pomp&Clout had to improvise and created this weird and out of the ordinary rap video. Anyway, the track is pretty decent but the clip is on another level. Enjoy.