[Throwback Thursday] WHAM – PoP! Goes My Heart

Guys, you might wonder why we chose this song, but as you probably noticed, Valentine’s Day is coming. So let’s sing love!

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head But then pop! Goes my heart (Pop! Goes my heart) I wasn’t gonna fall in love again But then pop! Goes my heart (Pop! Goes my heart) And I just can’t let you go I can’t lose this feeling

 The British pop band WHAM was set up in 1981 by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Their first single Young Guns (Go for it), released in 1983, ranked high in British charts and paved the way to many other success such as Wake me up before you Go-go and Pop Goes My Heart in 1984. Enjoy!

This song became memorable with the movie Music and Lyrics (2007): Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a former pop singer and composer, attempts to revive his fading career thanks to the rising star Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) – she asked him to compose a hit song and sing it in duo. There’s the rub: he has never written a decent song…