[Throwback Thursday] The story behind MMMBop — Hanson

We take you back to 1996, when high waist jeans were already fashionable, diskettes were high-tech and a little-known band called Hanson was recording “MMMBop“—a song that would eventually rule the radios across the globe.

It became the hit of Hanson’s album “Middle of Nowhere“, ranked number one in 27 countries’ charts, earned three Grammy nominations and the MTV Europe Music Awards for “best song”.

The three Hanson brothers started officially playing together in 1992. They tried for years to get record labels to come hear them, however in vain. A random show in April of 1996 changed their lives.

Steve Greenberg [from Mercury records] came to see the three brothers playing at a show in Coffeyville and realized their potential. He submitted the record of “MMMBop” to the CEO of Mercury Records at the time, Danny Goldberg, who arranged to get the Dust Brothers to produce Hanson – from then the adventure started!