[Throwback Thursday] Saïan is in the house – La preuve par trois

Today we woke up and thought, let’s move our body like the Crew back in the day!

Saïan Supa Crew is a group of French MCs – Leeroy, Feniksi, Sir Samuel, Sly, Specta et Vicelow – six guys who turned the sacred rules of hip-hop upside down. Their stage name is said to have come from super Saïyens, characters from the Manga Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama.

The group was created in the late 1990’s and earned its name on the list of French rap legends thanks to the dope songs “Angela“, “La preuve par trois” or and “À demi-nue“. The MCs released their first album KLR in 1999 –, to pay tribute to their bro who died the same year. Their second album X Raisons won a prestigious Victoire de la musique in 2002 in the category “best rap/groove album”. In 2005, they released their latest and final album Hold-Up.

Let’s dance!