[New Album] Sweet moment for your ears with Reva DeVito

The American Reva DeVito from Oregon, Portland, is best known for the songs “Kisses” or “Sweetest Taboo” – she has been in the music scene for years collaborating with other artists productions such as Roane Namuh, B.Bravo or Nico Luminous.

After staying silent for a while, she now comes back stronger than ever with this astonishing debut EP called “The Move” supported by the music label HW&W.

Reva combines Jazz, Hip Hop and even Disco moods through creations of Roane Namuh or most recently beats of Tek.lun, Com Truise, Birthday Boy and even the famous and rising artist Kaytranada – the first black artist to win the Polaris Music Prize 2016 with his album “99,9 %“.

Reva’s smooth soul and smoky voice puts you into a deep and relaxed mood led by the velvety and groovy instrumentals of her beatmakers.

They did an excellent job with this harmonious masterpiece that spreads one clear message… Reva explained:

These songs are reminders to continue to strive for your goals and never stop moving toward your creative visions, thus the title of the EP. You just can’t ever stop doing what you love and believe in. It may take a while for some, but stay dedicated. That’s the move, baby.

This EP is definitely worth some space in your music library!