Lights, Sonnjford’s new single is what you should be listening right now

Lately, all the eyes were on Belgium mainly because of its blowing French rap scene forgetting at the same time that our small country is overflowing with a bunch of very talented artists. Sonjjford is definitely a part of them and they have recently released what could be the best song of September.

After the beautiful and troubling Dust And Shapes , the Belgian folk and pop band Sonnjford is back with a brand-new title Lights.  The music video directed by Brice VDH was shot in the very crowded and bright city of Hong-Kong. The soft voice of Maria-Laetitia, the singer, is in total harmony with the urban pop and synthetic folk influences of the song. The lyrics will take you here and there, in the heart of very big cities where lights, loneliness and melancholy are ubiquitous but where everything seems to be possible. Sonnfjord will take you by the hand and make you shudder the length of a song.

If you want to prolong your summer for a while and feel the euphoria of big cities’ glittering lights Sonnfjord will perform at Atelier 210 this Friday.


By Max