FiftyFifty session – Polo & Pan and DC Salas

Fiftyfifty session
Gosh! Next Wednesday will take place the next FiftyFifty Session at the Jam Hotel in Brussels and it’s going to be epic! In fact, Polo & Pan and DC Salas will set the stage on fire and make this memorable private showcase. Don’t know them yet ? No worries, let me introduce them

Polo & Pan :

Alexandre Grynszpan and Paul Armand-Delille, aka Polo & Pan, are finally releasing their first LP after 5 years of existence. Their album “Caravelle” tells the story of their travels across the world.

Their objective ? To reconcile hedonistic dance music with the taste of a solar, timeless pop music.

A combination of French touch mixed with bold percussion patterns and singular lyrics. This is what their music is, and it’s made to touch a large audience, whether it be young fellas, eager to experience night life, the enlightened citizens of the modern world, the musicians’ Mexican or Turkish friends, fellow artists like Jacques or Papooz, their female doppelgangers (Marguerite and Victoria), or their elders who may feel nostalgic of curious waves. All have one way or another been carried away by such songs as Canopée, Plage Isolée, or Dorothy.

DC Salas :

DC Salas is one of the most gifted producer of the European electronic scene, playing in the best clubs and festivals all around Europe. He started at 15 doing a radio show, then became a permanent DJ at the Wax Club and the artistic director at the Mr Wrong (now closed), both in Brussels. After several EPs such as “Peru“, released on Belgium’s Doctor Vinyl, receiving huge support from Ivan Smagghe, Tale of Us, Breach, Maya Jane Coles, Luciano… and other projects (Polar, Mugwump and Los Niños del Parque) Diego Cortez Salas, aka DC Salas, is going to release his first album “the Unspoken” in June the 16th. We can definitely bet that he will play some of his new stuff for this Fifty/Fifty session !

All in all, his music is pretty atmospheric, just chill out listening to this below :

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Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a good time this Wednesday night!