[Screening] Meet the Beats: Montreal

 “Meet the Beats: Montreal” is a documentary about the influence of the Quebec dialect on the domestic music production. Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec and people there speak both French and English, but most of the time they mix the two. BeatChronic, a Brussels based collective, flew on the other side to the Atlantic to meet 15 artists in Montreal and ask them to talk about their daily life – from a linguistic point of view.  The documentary focuses among other things on the way artists express themselves in their music. It is the first part of the “Meet the beats” adventure, which aims at spotlighting the musical scene in big cities from different cultural perspectives. The watchword is: Open Your Musical Mind! The Bureau International Jeunesse (International Youth Office) suggested the idea; and that was enough for the BeatChronic team to embark on a cultural journey in 2013. The documentary covers 5 different topics: bilingualism in Montreal, artistic expression, passion-money relationship, the beat scene: Piu-piu, exchanges with Europe.

Artists: High Klassified [Alaiz’/Fool’s Gold], Jam [K6A], Jo RCA [Dead Obies], Kaytranada [Alaiz’/The Celestics/HW&W], KenLo [Alaclair Ensemble], Louie P [Alaiz’/The Celestics], Maybe Watson [Alaclair Ensemble], Nico Angelo, Robert Nelson [Alaclair Ensemble], ST x Liam [TrustTheTeam], Steve & Dan [Death Of Vinyl Recordshop], T!BE [Zen Supremacy], Yung Gayance [Les Beats/Piu-Piu].

Team: Mathias Chaboteaux, Andy De Keersmaecker, Alexis Lutters, Yannick De Brouwer, Louis Shungu, David Ferral, Sofia Rasquin, Lucien Leyh, Margot Scouarnec, Priscilla Lowe, Constantin Didisheim, Phong Nguyen, Nikita Collienne, Colin Ambrozy and Emilie Ysebaert.

BeatChronic launched a funding campaign with KissKissBankBank in 2014 and now, the good news is that the premiere screening of “Meet the Beats: Montreal” is tomorrow at BOZAR, so book your tickets folks!