TASTE : « Under the shade » EP, the spark that will set off his career?


We had the pleasure to interview Taste few months ago (our interview here) in which he told us that he was working on an EP with the producer MOKO.. Well, the EP is available now !

Listening to his EP, you can feel the hard work behind these master craft beats and sonorities. His EP works as a self presentation, a resume of who Taste is.

Starting with “Birds”, Taste introduces us to his crew of mavericks ready to take over the rap game while stating he’s still an ordinary man, an ordinary man with big dreams he’s willing to reach.

“Come round here” also shows us that Taste is not reluctant to have a good time partying with his mates as the chorus said “You can come round here, smoking my spliff, talking about shit and sipping my beer”  Why not ?? The videoclip, released 2 days ago, is faithfully transposing the lyrics.

The title “Brexit” is referencing to the famous British political decision, but don’t search for any opinion on the subject. Taste is simply using the image of the Brexit to illustrate that sometimes things hold you back. Smart way to do so..

“Submarine” is the heaviest track of the EP. Indeed, it’s darker, heavier and also catchier (well, that’s my opinion) than the rest. Taste shows with this tune how pissed off he can be. But it doesn’t last long. With “Southside”, Taste tends to moderate his point of view regarding relationship with gals, it’s doesn’t really matter you know, so girls don’t expect to spend the rest of your days with him as it is not his wish… “I feel” is slowing the rhythm and his flow, confirming that some relationships can be toxic. A girl misses him, and she knows that it could work between them, but it’s not Taste’s opinion… Last track of the EP, “Ok, alright” confirms what was said earlier, pointless relationships don’t interest him !

You can listen to his EP here :


By Len