[Place to be] L’Ermitage nanobrewery

Named after the street in Ixelles where the adventure began, l’Ermitage nanobrewery is a traditional, independent and urban brewery in Brussels.

Nacim Menu comes from the province of Hainaut and studied in Brussels. Together with his friends Henri and Francois, Nacim started to brew his first beers. After graduating from university, he went to Canada where he discovered the “craft beer” trend.  You never heard about “craft beer”? It’s not too late, just have a look here. After returning to Brussels, he went to work in the Cantillon brewery. A year later, the three of them launched the L’Ermitage nanobrewery.

Since two years, the three Acolytes Francois, Nacim and Henri seek to contribute to Brussels’ brewery legacy. They make their own beers with heart and passion, but as far as they didn’t have their own production means, they’ve been brewing their flagship beer in the de Bastogne brewery – but they admit that it raised a question of identity. It is an IPA 5.5% called la Lanterne, taste it and let yourself be guided! They marketed it last Mai and you can find it in 30 stores and bars (L’Amère à boire, la Trinquette, le Pantin, le Moeder Lambic, La Contrebande etc.) and not in large stores (that goes without saying).

If the passion drove them first – they even tried and developed recipes before perfecting their technique – the three friends were then motivated by the entrepreneurial mindset. “Creating our own job is pretty amazing”, said Francois. They want to brew beers with a low percentage of alcohol (but not sweet), unlike most of Belgian beers. And here we go, they told us about the weight of tradition, the Belgian habits, the “my favorite beer” dilemma. At the beginning, the three entrepreneurs received the support of Village partenaire.

Nacim, Henri and Francois found their “ermitage” in Lambert Crickx street, in Anderlecht and recently, they launched a crowdfunding campaign with Miimosa in order to finance their tasting room.

Don’t hesitate to check out and contribute to their project!

We met them at Lambert Crickx street. The place is huge and divided into two rooms: one dedicated to the production process and the other to a tasting bar. They’ll produce 5000 L each month, whether beer bottles or barrels – a number that could potentially be doubled. Construction works are expected to be finished at the end of Mai and from then, they’ll  brew “at home”. Stay tuned, the tasting bar  may well open during the week-ends from June onwards!