[Party] Cosmic SOAP – Psychedelic PROUG Washing – Zodiak

On April 28, come join the P.R.O.U.G. at Zodiak and plunge into the progressive trance world!

Let’s talk bubbles and progressive!

First, you might wonder what is P.R.O.U.G.? It is first and foremost a wild idea of a group of friends; it’s about progressive music, more precisely progressive trance. The U is there to remember the “plumpness” of the prog’. Over time, it became a radio program on Radio Panik (on air every second and fourth Thursday of the month). No worry if you were not aware of this, you can still find a recap of each show here. And last but not least, it is a crew of 4 djs. By the way, they’ll be performing on the 28th and will make sure to keep you warm! They’ve been talking about such a party for a while now and it’s getting real!

Blessed are the round kicks, happy rhythmics and psychedelic bubbles lovers!

Indeed, it is the first party dedicated to progressive trance – the “joyful side” of trance, this kind of heavy but round electronic music– in Brussels, no doubt it’s going to make you dance.

The concept is easy to grasp; it’s a seven hour long party (starting at midnight) featuring 7 djs.

The trance progressive community is eclectic, really open-minded and the artists generally do not have exclusivity with a certain label. Whether you’re initiated or not, they’ll make you feel like a fish in water.

NBM, the well-known trance progressive & techno label, is supporting the event.


For the occasion, P.R.O.U.G are setting the stage for an amazing bubble time. They’ve invited two French Progressive masters, Groove Inspektorz and Chill um  –  they will be performing in Belgium for the first time . Dj Moogly, a local talent we don’t present anymore in this world will be on stage too. 

Groove Inspektorz is the project of “Hypnos” and “Switch“, two bros who decided to share their combined vision of progressive trance and the result is colorful, “[o]riginal music and groovy bass lines punctuated by influences like Hip Hop and Rock’n’roll”.

To get a sneak peek of what is waiting for you, listen to the remix with which made them famous.

  • Chill um (Fraktal Beats / TED records) – Live Progressive Trance
  • Dj Moogly (Insonitus Records / Boom Shankar) – Psy-Progressive

As mentioned earlier, the P.R.O.U.G team will also spin to set the Zodiak on lather!

  • Fukushiva (Fraktal Beats / Slow To Core) – Progressive Trance
  • Mécou Yenski (Lustucrew / EUPHONIK BAZAR) – Progressive Trance

For further information, click here.