Boiler Room and Eristoff present INTO THE DARK

Boiler Room
Boiler Room and Eristoff are teaming up to launch “Into the Dark”, a new platform focusing on techno music and street art from around Europe.

Ever wanted to attend a Boiler Room session? Now is your chance. Into the Dark will take clubbers on a mystery party tour of European underground nightlife, for “a journey of discovery deep into the heart of Europe’s most vital nocturnal scenes.”

8 parties in 8 cities, with 8 world renowned DJs performing. Only catch is, the location and DJs will be revealed the day before each event. So, STAY TUNED for details on their website, and the event page. 

First stop: Brussels THIS THURSDAY26th of October.

Don’t forget to RSVP for a chance to attend!

Boiler Room


DEAN BRYCE, head of music at Boiler Room states that Boiler Room is now the world’s most trusted original music video platform, with all day coverage of a diverse range of genres from all around the world.”  So, for those who won’t be able to attend, you can join in the party anyway by following their live online broadcast. He goes on to say, “where we came from -the beating heart of Boiler Room – is dark and sweaty, underground European techno. We feel lucky to have found Eristoff, a like-minded partner with whom to explore the authentic side of contemporary music and nightlife culture.”

Watch the video below to find out a bit more about this innovative project.


By Eloïse