[New Music Video] Wake up call – Coely

Coely is an Antwerp born rapper. Her name is the contraction of “Colin” and “Elysées”, her parents’ names.

She started her career at the age of 17 and signed to the independent record label Beatville a year later. From then on, she jumped straight onto the bandwagon! As soon as she finished school, she started performing in festivals, earning her praise as “Queen of the Festivals” (dixit Studio Brussel).

In September 2012, Coely released her first song “Ain’t Chasing Pavements”, a dope Hip-hop beat with a powerful female vocal. Few months later, she released her first EP called “RAAH – The Soulful Yeah”. Her music is a mix of Hip-hop and Soul. The young woman seemed to be born to be on stage, she sets it on fire, much to the pleasure of her public. In June 2016, she was officially signed by Universal Music.


On the 17th of March she released “Different Waters”, an album that has already received really good feedback. By the way, don’t miss her album release show at Ancienne Belgique on the 30th of March. The release of the music video of “Wake Up Call” on the 13th didn’t go unnoticed, if you didn’t get a chance to see it, time has come: