[New Music] What You Need to know about XXXTENTACION

While he was performing in Amsterdam, Drake previewed a new song apparently off his highly anticipated album “More Life“. The Canadian supertsar has though been criticized on social media for biting off  XXXTENTACION‘s flow in “Look At Me“, and a lot of people seem to be asking who he is.

XXXTENTACION is a young rapper from Florida that has actually been blowing up for 2 years already. He is often compared or aligned with rappers such as $uicideboy$, Lil Peep and even Denzel Curry. He has a very versatile style but one specificity about his music is the darkness and aggressivity in his flow.  He takes us to a very stormy and kind of sad universe.

Warning /!\:

Your ears might bleed and your head might hurt if you listen to this for too long, but here is his soundcloud: