[New Music] Ivy Mode is back with a really sensual track called “Body Next to You”

Just a reminder, when we interviewed the young artist last year, she told us about her musical atmosphere and her previous single “Money Can’t Buy” – a memorable musical encounter (check it out here)

The things that inspire me the most are things that’ve happened to me in an emotional way. […] emotions fuel my inspiration…

Only in her early 20’s, Ivy Mode has a great talent and the media has noticed it. Indeed, her stunning work was praised by platforms such as Entertainment Weekly, Ultimate Music and Popwrapped. Not to mention that her song has recently been added to the playlist H&M in Store, among others.

On Valentine’s Day, she released her eagerly awaited second single “Body Next To You”. The song was produced by her long-time associate James Lowland and co-written by the latter and Matthieu Mortelmans.

Ivy Mode raises the temperature “on air” – warm voice and attractive groove – exactly what we needed on these cold days. She also reveals her dark and sensual side, so listen to this ballad on Spotify or iTunes and let yourself be enchanted.

It’s a great feeling to find someone who speaks the same body language you do. You just want to keep on talking and talking without having to use any words