[New Music] Amery releases an ode to love

The young Belgian artist of Rwandese origin is going to make you feel SO GOOD!

He’s been interested in music for a while now since the passion began as he saw the music video of Billie Jean from Michael Jackson on MTV. He was five and his grandmother decided to give him an African drum as a present. That’s all it took for him to jump ahead!

Amery is an autodidact, he never went to any music academy but drew his inspiration from the great John Legend, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Usher and others.

After graduating from high-school, he decided to dedicate himself to his passion. On his way to success, he met the W!G Music label’s team and sign there.

Amery worked in collaboration with James Lowland, and together they manage to merge R&B vibes with contemporary pop. To get a sneak peek of their work, check out Amery’s first single SO GOOD! It’s all about that feeling that makes you feel so good, it’s all about love.


With So Good, I want people to get back to that feeling they experienced when they met their first crush or love of their life. I want to bring them back to where it all started

Just embark on a musical journey and take a walk on the “lovely” side of life!