[New Mixtape] Listen to the last El G’s EP called “SABOR FLVS”

The young Belgian producer recently surprised us with a new project quite different from his previous work. Well known for his trill universe and some very respectful collaborations with artists like Bones, Chris Travis or $uicideboy$, the producer chose to roll with a so-called “baile funk” vibe for this one.

El G is not the first one to pick from what Brazil has to offer and transfer it to a very mechanical percussion pattern, but he sure does it with brio! Who could be mad at 808’s and samples, right? Following the lead of very the successful Kaytranada or Sango (who even played one of El G’s songs during a set at Mixmax in New York), the Liège based producer arrives with a chill yet really hot EP. SABOR FLVS brings a fresh vibe of so-called Baile Funk and we dig it! Chopped up soulful samples bring peace and serenity to the really aggressive feel of the drums. This bold marriage is consolidated by a very deep 808 bassline. It’s always nice when you can feel it in your bones. Cherry on top, El G added a little extra spice to the mixture playing with brazilian vocal recordings.

With SABOR FVLS, El G welcomes us to a new facet of his versatile universe. Make sure you give the project a listen: