[New Album] Isha will set 2017 on fire with La Vie Augmente

If we all agree about the recent explosion of Belgian rap,  there are a few famous names that share this success, and it’s only a matter of time before Isha is one of them.

Isha has always been discrete in the rap scene. Formerly known as PsMaker, he recently dropped a few dope songs under his new name. Today he is taking his next step with the release of La Vie Augmente, his first mini-album.

The album is composed of 10 songs, including the famous Oh Putain! and one featuring JeanJass. Although Tony Hawk and 3h37 were already released in the past, it’s a great pleasure to see them on the album.

Isha is not a beginner. Technique, creativity and a little self-deprecating: he’s got all the tools he needs to be one of the most highlighted Belgian rappers these months.

Isha will be touring in Belgium, the dates will be released soon. He will also be the opening act at the JeanJass & Caballero‘s concert on the 19th of May at Les Nuits Botanique.