The last Fifty/Fifty Session before Summer at The Atomium

Mai Lan&Témé Tan
As Summer and its vacationers are coming, festivals and showcases are in full swing here in Belgium. Consequently, for the last Fifty/Fifty Session of the season, on Wednesday 28th June, the chosen place had to meet all expectations. And we won’t be disappointed as this last session will take place in one of the spheres of the Atomium, one of the Brussels most symbolic places! In addition, two famous artists, Mai Lan and Teme Tan, will perform that night and make you fly from 8PM. Doors opening at 7PM.

Mai Lan’s name is already known for some years. The rap duo La Caution’s acid texts that she was whispering on DJ Mehdi’s breaks (“Gentiment je t’immole” on Sheitan’s soundtrack), her collaborations with Oxmo Puccino, M83 (whom she co-writed the album with) or even Birdy Nam Nam… Then a first album which has literally roasted French Pop in 2012 have set the scene for an amazing career path and an informal Art. She’s particularly taking inspiration in Kourtrajmé’s fractured artwork, a musician and video makers group of which she is the only child. It is within these multiple esthetics that she finds her singular poetry. It seems like the slight Franco-Vietnamese chrysalis has become a charming butterfly, whose new very successful EP, “Vampire”, contrasts sharply with her first adventures.

Behind Témé Tan is hiding Tanguy Haesevoets. Of Congolese origins and living in Brussels, the young man grew up between Kinshasa and the Belgian Capital. The mix of these two cultures can be found in his music which mixes groove and harmony. Nevertheless, Témé Tan’s music has incorporated several influences, from one area to another. Témé Tan’s style? Impossible to be put in one single category. Moreover, it would even be pointless to do so, as the young man flirts with so many different styles.

As you may have understood, an intense musical cocktail is awaiting us this Wednesday 28th June. After all, which other artists would have fit to conclude these Fifty/Fifty editions in this amazing place? No-one else, it’s just perfect as it is.

By Kevin and Len