Miles Bloo: Blindness, new project by ex-member of The SUBS

You might recognize his face from the electro band THE SUBS, or his more recent solo act Highbloo. Get ready for Luca di Ferdinando’s latest project: MILES BLOO. 

Born in La Louvière in a musical family, we can say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Luca fell in love with music at a young age, singing and drumming at home. So much so, that he studied drumming at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. Thereafter, he went on to co-produce The SUBS‘ second album (Decontrol) in 2011, as well as being an independent DJ. One of his solo acts, Highbloo, signed with Lektroluv Records, took him around the world across many festival and club stages. You can catch Highbloo on the 14th of October at the Brussels Electronic Marathon in the Focus Vif Room!

Leaving behind the electro, Luca is back in the limelight with a brand new pop project.

MILES BLOO and his eponymous album blend electronic and organic sounds in the search of breaking down the barriers of musical genre.  Signed with Hot Antic Records, Miles Bloo brings to life a modern view of music without labels or preconceptions. The simultaneous use of French and English in his lyrics defy linguistic conventions and bring about the idea of a universal language, especially when he makes them rhyme with each other. Through his satiric texts, the artist easily conveys the complex reality of “the human being in a struggle with itself to be in harmony with the world“.

However, the project is not just a musical one. Produced by Hot Antic, the graphics involved are entirely thought of in respect to the lyrics and vice versa. The symbolism found in the visuals reflect the authenticity, introspection and exploration of the artist and his texts.

Download the new EP “Blindness” now on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer and watch the video below!



By Eloïse