LOUMANA, a new generation of Soundcloud producers is rising

LOUMANA is an 18-year-old beatmaker from Brussels who will perform live at our upcoming edition of  Up & Dawn next Wednesday at our secret location.

LOUMANA has been making beats since the age of 14. His style is mainly Hip-Hop with West African and Brazilian music influences. Now his inspirations are heading towards the new generation of Soundcloud rappers and Future Beats makers.

Airplane Mode: You’ve started composing beats at the age of 14, how did this happen?

LOUMANA: I’ve always had music instruments at home, so I’ve learned playing piano and guitar on my own thanks to the Internet. My uncle is a sound engineer. He offered me his computer with the music production programs FL Studio and Ableton Live already installed in it. He briefly showed me how it was working and then I got into it. I first started recording guitar riffs and some piano and then I added drumming. Gradually, my style had evolved to become purely Hip-Hop.

A.M: You’re mainly composing instrumentals, will you sing on your tunes one day?

LOUMANA: [Laughs] No because I absolutely cannot sing! Nevertheless, I use my voice to create virtual instruments, that’s an alternative…

A.M: What are your main artistic influences?

LOUMANA: Rock and post Rock bands like Placebo, Cecilia::Eyes, Radiohead deeply influenced me when I first started composing. There were also African artists like Fela Kuti, Saif KeitaSeu Jorge has deeply influenced me as well. Regarding Hip-Hop artists, mainly J Dilla, Flying Lotus, DJ Premier, J.Robb, Kaytranada and Sango.

A.M: Why these Brazilian and West African musical sonorities?

LOUMANA: My friends made me discover Brazilian music, more specifically Brazilian Funk. It’s the most popular music in the Favelas. I find these sonorities very interesting so I want to share it with people. Regarding West African music, I grew up with it as I was born in Burkina Faso, it left a deep mark in my life.

A.M: Any projects for the next future?

LOUMANA: I’ve started collaborating with some rappers, some songs will be released soon. I feel like being cursed by eternal insatisfaction concerning my own projects. I have the impression that most of my songs are not making the grade, so I work on them again and again until they sound nothing like what they were at the beginning…

A.M: The name of our association, Airplane Mode, refers to these moments when we need to have a break and cut ourselves from the rest.. And you, when do you switch off to Airplane Mode?

LOUMANA: When I grab my guitar. Nothing else matters, just me and her conversing in harmony.

Now get an idea of LOUMANA’s work with his soundclound page below :


By Len