Faon Faon: The Belgian Pop has its duet!

Faon Faon_Photo_Cover
Some of you probably know them already. And some say this Belgian duet is going to be big for sure! For the others, who are wondering who the hell am I talking about, it’s Faon Faon!

Faon Faon is a two-headed project, in which Fanny Van Hammée and Olympia Boule combine their voices and their vowels in order to deliver an hybrid music mixing Pop, Hip Hop and Electronic sonorities. Occasionally collaborating with Témé Tan, Badi, Applause or Major Dubreucq, Fanny and Olympia create with Faon Faon their own world and release a fresh, revitalizing but also sensitive music.

The strength of this duet is impressive. What is their secret?

The fundamental dynamic of Faon Faon comes from the fact of being a duet. As soon as we start writing, we know that our songs will be addressed to the other. Fanny insists.

It changes everything. It compels us to express our agitations and hesitations to each other, and use it as a primary material in order to build something together. Adds Olympia.

Faon Faon_EP_CoverBoth incredibly modern and fragile, their texts written in French combine poetry and 2.0 sincerity. From ice melting to mountain climbing, we go through sonic typhoons, we challenge gravity and duel with the idea of marriage, utopias and lost childhood. Above all, they invite their audience to see an atypical, intimate universe. From time to time, they also share a contagious energy which urges us to dance!

Winners of the “Du F dans le texte” competition in 2015, they’ve already performed at the LASEMO and “Beautés Soniques” festivals as well as the last Belgian Fête de la Musique. Do you know that they will perform at “Les Ardentes” festival this Thursday 6th July?!

Waiting for their live at “Les Ardentes”, here is ESKIMO, extract of their eponymous EP:

By Len