AMERY: The new gem of Belgian Pop music?

After the success of his first single “So Good”, Amery is back with his second title “I need Lovin”. We bet that this music tale will hit the streaming platforms again !

Born to Rwandan parents, the Belgian Pop/RnB artist Amery fell in love with music while discovering Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video on MTV. His grandma then got the idea to gift him an African drum that ignited a spark in the heart of the little 5-year-old boy. That flame quickly grew into a fire when he brushed the keys of a piano for the very first time at church. Playing the instrument by ear, he immediately felt driven by the notes and developed a strong sensitivity.

Now Amery releases his second EP I Need Lovin’. The new single comes after So Good, which was streamed more than 300.000 times and selected for the program #NextWaveJuly, a contest for the new emerging talents on the very famous app

Amery’s “I Need Lovin'” cover

Often compared to Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake on many international websites such as Buzzfeed and AXS, Amery shares with his audience a taste for a sincere writing. In his new single, I need Lovin’, Amery shares with us through the lyrics his shyness.

“I have a reserved personality, especially when it comes to women… they have to take the first step to make me feel confortable and confident. Actually, this song is about a girl I lost. And my frustration about my timidity”.

Confessions of the young singer who invites his audience to join him in his quest for love. Hopefully, he was brave enough to sing his love, carried by music.

James Lowland, co-writer and producer, adds:

“It was essential for me that the instrumental tells a story. During which Amery will get closer to people in a street, with a boom-box under his arm, hoping to get help to find his crush. That’s why we can hear foot steps and the sound of the radio in the introduction”.

“The bells are here to draw a particular attention while the production is massive and louder. It shows us his deep need to be heard”.

Now enjoy listening to I need Lovin’, available on all the downloading services and streaming platforms today !


By Maxime and Len