Festival – Mangoo Pickle presents “Close Up”

Zinnema, Mangoo Pickle and the Jewish Museum of Brussels are proud to present you another edition of “Close Up“!


Their previous edition had as theme “the travel”and during one year every edition explored the vision of different artists.

For its fifth edition, Close Up is coming to the Jewish Museum of Brussels with the theme “ Cultural Heritage”. What’s there for us? What are we going to leave to our future generations? A society where everyone exchanges with one another and where we can learn about everything and everyone.
Let’s take a closer  look at that what awaits us!

Close Up is a collective event with 3 principals ingredients: Art, Creation, and Design.
The festival has for main objectives to energize the Brussels artistic scene by promoting its young artists throughout exchanges, meetings and the appreciation of various forms of Art.

Consequently, 15 plastic artists will present their work, but that’s not all! 2 artistic performances are planned, 3 live concerts will be played, 1 art studio will be organized and 2 DJ sets will keep the pressure on. Last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to eat and cool down with some food and drinks onsite. As you can see, it will be all about discovering and pleasure.

Throughout the different editions, the purpose of the artists is giving you some insights of their knowledge, of their vision, and exchange it with you. But you will not only be a spectator! You can also participate and be part of this show.

The festival also tends to break up your routine. When you’ll get into “Close Up”, you’ll enter into a very different world, a world where you totally disconnect with your ordinary life, a delighted digression from reality.
Don’t wait any longer and book your tickets !


“Close Up” 

Friday 19th of May / 4pm-10pm / 5€

Saturday 20th of May / 2pm-10pm / 8€

Weekend pass / 10€

Musée Juif de Belgique / Joods Museum van Belgïe
Miniemenstraat 21, 1000 Brussel (Zavel/Sablon)