Stop what you are doing, King Krule is playing tonight in Antwerp

The 23 years old London-based producer King Krule will perform tonight in Antwerp at De Roma for the very first time and you should definitely be there.

Archy Marshall, the enigmatic and talented South London singer best known as King Krule has recently released his third and eagerly-awaited album The OOZ.

Known since the age of 15, the Londoner Archy Marshall armed with a blood-freezing voice and a timelessly cool charisma, has been crafting songs since 2010 under different names. Mainly inspired by David Lynch and Charles Bukowski, King Krule belongs to this small category of young English artist in the making who have chosen to stay far from the spotlight.

We made a small selection of Archy’s best songs to help you learn more about this strange creature.

Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs 

Released in 2010 when he was only 16, Out Getting Ribs is named after a 1982 piece-on-paper piece from Jean Michel Basquiat. The depth of the lyrics and his raw voice with a real Londoner accent are the first signs of his future own universe.

Djjdsports – Bath 1

There is nothing King Krule can’t do. Songwriter, singer, musician, he is also crafting his own beats under the name of Djjdsports and Edgar the Beatmaker. At this time, he was using old computer softwares and online platforms such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud to share his beats. With some J Dilla influences it is with no surprise that the result is incredible.

Edgar the Beatmaker – Darkest Shades of Blue (Full Ep)

King Krule – Easy Easy 

This debut LP is the first released song of 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. In the video clip directed by Focus Creep, King Krule is wandering in the streets of his hometown, London.

King Krule – Dum Surfer 

This song is certainly one of the best and most intriguing song of The OOZ. It fully ratchets up all the darkest and weirdest aspect of Marshall’s personality and music. The lyrics evoke dark and violent imagery with zombies, mashed brains and puking on the side walk. Accompanied with a lo-fi video, this song is definitely a nod to King Krule’s 80’s post-punk influences.

There’s no need waiting to upgrade your playlist with King Krule latest album The OOZ and listen to it below :