Jasmine: “Music has always been present in my life”

Jasmine's face
Jasmine is the second artist confirmed for the second edition of our “Apéros Culturels”. She will alternately impart a Jazzy, Soulful and Funky atmosphere to this event taking place tomorrow at the ING Art Center!

Airplane Mode: Could you tell us more about your artistic background?

Jasmine: I grew up in an artistic universe. I’ve passed secondary studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, firstly in visual art, then in classical and contemporary dance.

A.M: When did you start singing?

Jasmine: Music has always been very present in my life. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and my father is a music aficionado who has pushed me to listen to a lot of music, to discover new artists. He also took me to see many concerts.

Music followed me through drawing and dancing as well. I’ve always drawn listening to music, it often inspired me. I don’t mention dancing, which doesn’t work without music! At the end of my secondary studies I decided to follow my dream which was studying singing in London. So I worked for 1 year and saved enough money to pay my inscription fee, as the school was very expensive. So I went studying higher education studies of singing in London and it was an amazing experience. It had comforted me in the fact that music was what I wanted to do.


A.M: What inspire you the most?

Jasmine: Jazz, Soul and Funk music inspire me the most, but any musical style can interest and inspire me too!

A.M: Any artists you admire more than anyone else?

Jasmine: I particularly admire singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu. I recently discovered Antwaun Stanley, singer of the American band Vulfpeck, he has an amazing voice and the way he sings is unique.

A.M: You’re mainly singing covers at the moment, will you compose your own songs then? Any project for the next future too?

Jasmine: I’m writing songs on my own at the moment. I never had the occasion to work with musicians but it’s a project I have for the next future! My goal is to manage playing my own compositions but it’s not easy to find people to work with. Moreover on the same page as me!

A.M: When do you switch off to Airplane Mode?

Jasmine: I switch on Airplane Mode everyday! It often happens when I’m listening to music, also when I’m playing live. Nothing can revitalize me more than music!


Interview by Leïla and Len