Yooth “I’m so happy the Brussels hip-hop scene finally exploded”

Brussels based DJ Ingmar Doumen aka Yooth from mid-Limburg took the time to answer some questions for us. Read on to find out about this avid music fan turned disc-jockey.


Airplane Mode: How did you get into DJing?

Yooth: I discovered the infamous DJ software Virtual DJ in 2007 at my cousin’s birthday party. We messed around with some electro tracks that day. I immediately fell in love with manipulating and merging tracks, although it sounded like shit back then. I passed on my inspiration to one of my neighbours, with whom I started experimenting more and more and ended up buying real CD players. I won a DJ contest and since then I gradually got chances to play more and bigger parties, which caused my ambitions to rise.

It’s not always been easy to obtain the recognition I thought I deserved though, but the love of spreading music has kept me in the game.

Airplane Mode: Do you have any other passions?

Yooth: Well, my greatest passion is passing on new music I discover (mainly stuff I find on Soundcloud in the middle of the night) to a bigger public. However, there are other ways to achieve that besides DJing. For example, throwing parties! 10% of my daily thoughts usually go into figuring out fictive line-ups.

It’s not all fictive though. Together with Beatsforbeaches I’m doing a series of parties called Brikabrak. The main focus is bringing people together that want to celebrate life while making the less fortunate’s life a little brighter. Thus, all our revenues go to a good cause. We got a fresh edition coming up on the 24th of November with Swissbank, DTM Funk, Audri and some other musical whizzkids.


Besides all the music stuff, I love making collages. I really like to take existing art or images out of their original context to create something completely new with them. It’s kind of the same thing as DJing, but with pictures instead of songs.

Airplane Mode: What does success look like to you?

Yooth: When I see people are having a good time during my DJ set. I love to trick a public with clever edits or unexpected transitions, so when I see some people’s mind being blown by a sudden switch-up in a song, my day is made.

More generally, my goal is to make a change in people’s musical taste. If someone comes up to me and says they discovered this amazing artist through a mix-tape of mine, that goal is achieved.

Airplane Mode: Who are you listening to at the moment?

Yooth: Damn, uhm, I guess all types of music that’s influenced by Africa or Brazil. To give an example: Clap!Clap! That guy is a sick producer. The way he merges organic samples into experimental beats is exceptional.

I’m also pretty up-to-date with a lot of unknown Future Beats and Baile Funk “SoundCloud-producers”. Think DKVPZ, VHOOR, Jaël, …

In the hip-hop scene I listen a lot to MHD, Le 77, Erykah Badu, ATCQ, l’Or Du Commun, Aminé and my girlfriend forces me to listen to Logic hahaha.

Airplane Mode: Is there anywhere you dream of performing?

Yooth: I really dig the atmosphere at festivals. In comparison with clubs, there’s a lot more of this je-m’en-fous-vibe. In Belgium, my favourite festivals are Couleur Café and Horst. Pukkelpop is basically in my backyard so that’d be a dream come true as well.

Airplane Mode: What’s the next step for you?

Yooth: Making those dreams come true.


Airplane Mode: When do you switch off to “airplane mode”? 

Yooth: Sometimes, I have these moments when I say ‘fuck it’ to all my plans. Then I just sit down in my most comfortable chair, put on my headphones and take on hour or two to listen to newly found music. I don’t eat, I don’t drink. I just sit there, listening to some weird ass Future Beats.

Airplane Mode: What do you think of the music scene in Brussels?

Yooth: I’m so happy the Brussels hip-hop scene finally exploded. The city is swarmed with the best rappers, producers, cool new concepts, parties and collectives. Just walk past the Sin-Katelijne/Saint-Chaterine square and you’ll probably see some guys spitting rhymes on a fire ass beat.

While everyone was looking at Antwerp and Ghent the previous years, Brussels was breeding on this talent, and now the eggs hatched!

Airplane Mode: Is Brussels your favourite place to perform?

Yooth: I don’t really have a favourite place anymore. It used to be Ghent, because everyone understands the genre over there and there a lot of parties are focusing on the genre, like Trillers for example.

What I like about doing a dj-set in Brussels is the variety of people that are dancing in front of you. There will always be this wide range of ages, ethnicities and, well, social class you could say. But no one cares! Everyone just wants to have a great time. Musically speaking, I can go from one end of the music spectrum to the other, and there will always be dancing.


Find out more on his vi.be page and have a listen to his stuff on his Soundcloud below!



By Eloïse