[Interview] Wild Shelter

After their performance at the inauguration of CREATIS on Thursday the 23rd of February, we got to meet the two brothers of Wild Shelter – a pleasant musical encounter. With smiles on their faces, the two guys showed a touching complicity while answering our questions.

Alex, lead vocalist, and his little brother Adrien, backing vocalist and guitarist, started their musical adventure with Wild Shelter around two years ago. Given his background, Adrien deals with production, but they both compose and insist on the fact that they’re working hand in hand in the creation process.

“We don’t tiptoe around; it helps us move forward”, said Alex.

The Acolytes got into music at the age of 6, they went to an académie to learn classical guitar till they were 25 years old. Well, they acknowledged it wasn’t smooth sailing and at times they had their doubts –Alex even admitted he played truant as a child. But thanks to their parents’ support, they made it through the years and are really grateful for it.

“Our parents didn’t have this chance and today I thank them a lot for having encouraging us to play music”, added Adrien.

Alex studied communication and Adrien sound engineering and when they finished their studies they embarked on a musical journey, working half the day in a maki restaurant and spending the rest of their time playing music together.

They released an EP and held several concerts before launching a crowdfunding campaign with Kisskissbankbank, thanks to which they recorded a single that was released on March 10th. By the way, they’ll be performing at La Rotonde on April 12th, so you’d better book your tickets asap!

Their music is plural and merges different influences. While they are fans of the 70’s (the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd), they also have their respective music universe and that’s what makes the singularity of Wild Shelter. Indeed, Adrien explained to us that they are complementary; he brings an electronic twist whereas his brother’s main inspiration is classical rock.

You might wonder what the story behind this name is; they first were called “Away from Fire” but they thought it was “shitty” (dixit Alex) and they were looking for THE name when Alex came up with”Wild Shelter”. It’s an oxymoron that reflects both a cocooned and a rock & roll life – two powerful words that define them well, they said. It also evokes many songs like Give me Shelter by the Rolling Stones, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf and others, Alex added.

Last but not least, we asked them when do they set themselves in airplane mode, and their answer was:

“As much as we love Brussels, from time to time we feel the need to go to the countryside together,” Adrien explained. Alex said that “[r]egarding music, it’s great to get away, because in Brussels time flies”.

Just a reminder, they’ll be on stage at La Rotonde on April the 12th, save the date!