Uhorakeye: Screen printing is represented at the close Up!

We’ve had a few words with Uhorakeye, screen printings artist who’ll be at the “Close Up” the 19th and 20th of May at the Musée Juif de Bruxelles. Go and check what is planned for you during this Week-End!

Your paintings are monochromatic or bi-chromatic, what is the message that you want to express through them?

Actually, they are not paintings but screen printings. There are more or less twenty editions per drawing. Every printing is different and that’s what I love about this technic.

In fact, they are not only monochromatic or bi-chromatic, the color of the medium has also its importance in screen printing, and most of my drawings are originally in digital version.

I also avoid using white paper, but ecrus, nude, even beige colored ones instead.

There is not really any rule regarding the number of colors I use, I’m more « instinctive » when I’m drawing. A detail often comes up in my mind, the figure 3, which represents the perfect figure for a composition : One background color, one outline color and one color for forms/contrast.

We can see that you treat the image in a particular way. Incomplete figures, even unfinished ones. Is there a particular meaning behind that?

Indubitably, there is a message behind my drawings, literally speaking. I often draw from realistic pictures. I particularly get my inspiration from one photographer, Chris Schwagga, and I invite you to check his amazing universe.

Then I integrate my graphical touch to the original picture because it sounds useless to me to simply reproduce all the shapes of the picture. My personal approach includes analyzing what I fancy about it, and trying to keep the essential, which means no superficial line.

According to my point of view, the empty spaces in Art are representative of the eventual gaps in Life in general, which is a theme that appeals me personally. That’s why I avoid closing the contours of my figures. Moreover, I try to create a light and feathery visual, faint in its outlines on which I weight down with some color, some patterns, some textures. It’s a pure contradiction, a perpetual questioning…

In conclusion, I draw like I live.

What are your influences?

There is so many! Everything can be a source of inspiration these days thanks to social medias! In a more classical way, I really like Matisse, Miro, Cocteau, Frida Khalo, Henri Rousseau, Yves Klein’s blue monochrome, and François Avril as well.

What is your artistic path?

I started with an artistic cursus at the school of fine arts of Brussels, followed by a degree in fashion design-modeling at the Francisco Ferrer’s Higher School (in Brussels as well). I then worked as stylist for several Belgian brands. Today, I’m looking for some « free lance » missions as stylist or designer, as I want to take some time to involve myself more with my own creations.

Does geometry have a great importance for you?

This is not really geometry, properly speaking. I just love drawing broken things or people. For this reason, the straight lines and mirrors tend to represent « the damages inflicted by Life », this is what I try to illustrate with my works.

Did you already expose your works here in Belgium? Or Overseas?

Not yet. This is the first time for me!

Could you describe your « artistic universe » in 3 words?

Dreamlike, sensible, raw – clean.

It is hard to define oneself, so I asked some friends what they feel about my universe.

What piece of art are you the proudest of?

« Vous soupirez Madame » (and also « lacrimosa », because they go together).

According to me, this work is full of different symbols and interpretations, and I think that is a moving piece of art. It is also with this one that I get the most demands/requests/questions and Feed-back.

In conclusion, what are your projects for the future?

I’m flying off to Kigali in June for a month with a friend of mine who is a stylist (An Bueremans). We have a project called « The Showroom », which is sponsored by the Belgian Embassy in Kigali and has for main objective to gather and promote local designers. Once there, I will also check if there are opportunities for me to work as a designer, stylist ou simply an artist… Maybe will I have the chance to expose there as well?! Who knows.. Fingers crossed!

Don’t hesitate and go check her Facebook for more information!

“Close Up” 

Friday 19th of May / 4pm-10pm / 5€

Saturday 20th of May / 2pm-10pm / 8€

Weekend pass / 10€

Musée Juif de Belgique / Joods Museum van Belgïe
Miniemenstraat 21, 1000 Brussel (Zavel/Sablon)

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