Soulful singer ROXY ROSE “my songs are an open book”

Roxy Rose
Originally from Belgium, Roxy Rose has moved around quite a bit. Living in London, Portugal, and moving a lot within Brussels has taught her to see the world differently. Through her music, she hopes to travel and meet people from all over. Read on to find out about her work!

Airplane Mode: Could you tell us about your artistic background?

Roxy Rose: Of course! I started in a choir, at the age of 4. My mum signed me up, so it wasn’t really my idea. When I was around 17 years old, I started writing a lot. I told myself I could even start releasing songs! However, it was still a bit difficult.

It all started really with the LeJeune Collective, founded by Krisy. I was introduced to it by Taibo, she’s more into media now but she used to rap. I released the Roses & Mars EP in 2015 with LeJeune. It allowed me to meet other beatmakers, like NegDee. He features on a lot of my tracks.

Airplane Mode: So, you discovered your talent for singing at a very young age?

Roxy Rose: It happened in various steps. My mother discovered my talent by signing me up to that choir, it was very spontaneous because I wasn’t in control! When I started writing, around 17 or 18, I was still in a choir and realised my full vocal potential. That’s when I really thought I could release something. My first EP was really a journey of self-discovery through something I really enjoy.

Roxy Rose

Airplane Mode: Do you write the majority of your texts?

Roxy Rose: Yes!

Airplane Mode: What about the music?

Roxy Rose: For the melodies and harmonies, sometimes a specific sound just comes to me and I work around that. Otherwise, you have beatmakers who send you some productions. I’ve tried to write over productions they’ve sent me, but I prefer writing over my own sounds. Either that or I meet with the beatmaker and try to verbalise my ideas and we work together to create the sounds! Unfortunately, I don’t have any instrumentals yet, but I would really like to make some!

Airplane Mode: What artists do you particularly admire?

Roxy Rose: Michael Jackson. I know it’s cliché (laughing) but honestly, he’s such a pillar in the music world. Pharrell Williams and his group N.E.R.D too. He’s really open minded and I sort of recognise myself in him, without wanting to sound pretentious, because he’s interested in loads of different things. Lastly, Lauryn Hill. Just listen to her, I won’t say anything else! She was the singer/rapper in the Fugees.

Airplane Mode: How would you describe your style?

Roxy Rose: Well, if I had to put it in a box, probably soul hip-hop. With all the different influences though, it’s a real mix! There’s gospel, but that’s mostly in my voice. I try to write texts that are like little stories, I’m also quite influenced by poetry. My songs are an open book.

My song Chemistry from the Roses & Mars EP is a bit in the style of Bossa Nova. I would really love to go to Brazil, or Cuba. It would bring me new inspiration, on an African level too because in a way it’s also my essence. I feel very strongly that I don’t want to limit myself to a particular genre. The soul will stay because my voice is soul, but my new EPs will be incomparable to Roses & Mars. I hope people will appreciate it!

Airplane Mode: What inspires you for your writing? 

Roxy Rose: People inspire me a lot. Other people’s experiences, their characters and personalities. Also a lot of personal, emotional experiences. I think that was probably the starting block for all this, emotions that I felt that made me write spontaneously.

I’m very inspired by cinema too. There’s a filmmaker I really like called Wong Kar Wai, his work is quite photographic. I actually take photos myself! I have a Facebook page where I post all my photos. Lately I’ve been concentrating on my music, but I’ve got tons of ideas. So, once I get a bit of time I will get back into it! I’ve hopefully got an exhibition coming up, the date is to be confirmed. It’s called “Le Mal Malgré Moi” and it will relate to the instability I felt from all the moving around. I have lived in London, and in Portugal when I was very young. I’ve also moved around a lot within Brussels. I think it’s definitely taught me to look at the world differently.

Roxy Rose

Airplane Mode: Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Roxy Rose: Yes! Mostly live shows. The last one I did was on the 30th of September for Lezarts Urbains. I’m trying to do as many live shows as possible to create a real connection with the audience.

I’m also creating some visuals to go with my music. Especially for my Roses & Mars EP. Even though it’s already out, there’s still space there to exploit the visual side of it.

I also have two EPs coming out. A double EP. After Roses & Mars in 2015, I had plenty of time to think and meet new people. I started on EP, and it led me to a double EP, in which the style will differ.

Airplane Mode: So, by visuals, do you mean video clips?

Roxy Rose: Yes, video clips and short videos. I was filming earlier actually! I like to create scenarios and so does my manager. We work together for the creation of images. We usually try to create a link between the sound and the image, so they are like little stories. My new video should come out in November, some exclusive info! (laughing)

Airplane Mode: Can you tell us about one of your favourite moments on stage?

Roxy Rose: I don’t have one in particular. My last live show was in front of the largest crowd so far, it was in a festival vibe so it was outside. It was a really great experience. The best is when the crowd is really responsive!

Roxy Rose

Airplane Mode: So, music, photography, poetry, cinema, any other passions?

Roxy Rose: Yoga! I also used to be a masseuse. I’m passionate about well-being. All visual arts inspire me too, like painting.

Airplane Mode: When do you switch off to “airplane mode”?

Roxy Rose: (Latin music playing in the background) For a start when I hear music like this (laughing)!!

When I write or when I’m doing my yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for 74 days now (laughing) and it’s really helped me. It’s the longest time I’ve managed to keep up something sporty. It really makes you empty your mind and allows you to disconnect yourself. It’s a form of meditation.


Roxy Rose

So, go and see her live! Follow her on Facebook to find out about all upcoming dates. Add her on Snapchat: roxyrozamente, where you can catch her singing too. Follow her on Instagram: roxyrozey.




By Eloïse