[Interview] Pache

Why did you choose PACHE as your artist name? What does it mean?

At the beginning I wanted my artist name to be “Apache”, but it was already used in use in the graffiti industry, so I just shortened it by a syllable! The name itself, “Pache”, does not mean anything; it’s the story behind it that matters!

What appealed to you in street art?

It is important to differentiate street art from graffiti. I never considered my work as street art. Generally speaking, the “street artist” goes further in the artistic process than the graffiti writer. Personally, I consider myself a graffiti writer. I’ve always liked writing my name on walls. I’ve always been excited about the fact that it is forbidden, the unusual places and the risks.

What does your art mean to you?

It means a lot to me. It’s something spiritual. I work with heart and soul and very meticulously on each creation. It demands a lot of energy and concentration.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Is there an artist or a work you particularly admire? I draw my inspiration from so many things, it’s difficult to quantify. I like to let my experiences, moving encounters and new projects guide me. They inspire me, directly or indirectly, and give me some ideas for my next paintings.

I’m also really interested in contemporary artists; especially from the urban scene (the list is long!).

Can you tell us about your previous exhibitions? What did you gain from your experience?

The fact that I worked with different galleries allowed me to better understand this field of art. It is essential to make connections and promote yourself.

What are the different steps of your creation process?

I never force the creation process. I let my instinct guide the whole process and decide when I should start painting. If I have no inspiration I’d rather not force myself to paint. I try not to start too many projects at once. Psychologically, I prefer to finish a work before starting a new one.

Your artistic work is not limited to canvas, but includes objects and customization. Why did you choose to diversify your work? What do you gain from it?

For young artists, it is difficult to make a living with painting. Today, I think that it is essential to diversify and to offer different things. I try to be as versatile as I can. Moreover, if I had to stick to one thing, I would get bored. And being an artist also means freedom and movement from one field to another, where people don’t expect you.

What is your motto at work? According to you, which one of your works illustrates it best?

My main motto is to be precise and give great attention to details. It can be seen in my entire work. I work hard on each project, aiming for excellence.

What about your experience with Airplane Mode?

I’m waiting until the end of the event to give a full answer! (Laughs) But I think Airplane Mode offers a very interesting concept with a lot of potential.