Mike Sweater : the night entertainer

If you’re hanging out on a Friday night in Brussels city centre, you’ll certainly come across a guy and his man dem adjusting the sound of his speaker. But who is this homie? That’s Mike Sweater, real name Robin, based in Brussels and part of the collective PERRON ZES. Even if he wasn’t born and bred in Brussels, Robin knows everything about its night life. On the occasion of Le Focus invite Airplane Mode we talked with him about music, his collective and our capital’ night life…

Airplane Mode : How did you start mixing ?

M.S : When I was younger I was already into collecting music and looking for new things to listen to. I loved to let my friends discover new sounds that I discovered. That’s how I got the sense of mixing.

A.M : What are your musical influences ?

M.S : My musical influences come from all places. By organizing parties, myself, and gathering DJ’s, I get in touch with lots of genres. Each of those, somehow, contribute to my style and taste.

A.M : What is Brussels missing in its nightlife scene ?

M.S : A persistent continuity of good parties.

A.M : This is a place that just urges you to turn up…?

M.S : Brussels Centre.

A.M : Describe Brussels’ nightlife in 3 words :

M.S : Sex, drugs & rock’n roll!

A.M : How did your relationship with Perron Zes come to life? How do you see yourself evolving in this collective ?

M.S : When Perron Zes started as a small gathering, my friends could count on me for support and vice versa! Which is still the case, years later.
This collective teaches me a lot on different aspects. I constantly learn from everything we’re doing. It gives me a sense of responsibility.

AM: Your best memory of a set is …?

M.S : Each memory of a set is beautiful. The most appealing aspect of a DJ set is that I try my very best to please th crowd with my music taste. When I see that everyone is having a good time and dances around, that’s what makes me happy!

AM: What are the most refreshing collectives in Brussels ?

M.S : Heartbroken, Slagwerk, Perron Zes & Midlife.

AM : Who is your Favourite DJ ?

M.S : I don’t really have a favourite DJ, rather several or none. If I’d absolutely have to point someone out I’d go for DOOFPOT & VICKING GROOVY. Both are upcoming talents of which we will surely hear from soon!

AM : What are your future projects and events ?

M.S : I will soon focus only on producing music. I will not tease upcoming events, but we sure ain’t going to be quiet.

AM: When do you switch off to Airplane Mode ?

M.S : When i want to focus myself on a task.


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By  Maja
Credits to Livia Fretto for all the featured pictures in this article