With Juliette Boos, founder of the label “Handle the Sound”

Logo_Handle the Sound
Handle the Sound is an independent label promoting the “Clubbing Culture”. Here is the interview of its founder, the ambitious Juliette Boos.

Airplane Mode: Hello Juliette! Can you tell us more about your project?

Juliette Boos: HTS is an independant music label. Based in Brussels and Paris. We have just released a compilation last week and we continue to work on a series of mixes, EPs and other compilations.

A.M: Alright. Can you tell us if you have dedicated your musical project on a specific register or are you more diversified?

Juliette: We aim at celebrating the “clubbing culture” via different musical styles we are listening to (vogue, dembow, rap, jersey club, bass music, grime, footwork etc…). We want to gather all these different styles for the sake of clubbing, in fact breaking boundaries between musical styles and show that everybody inspires everybody.

A.M: Cool! How did you get the idea of creating this label? 

Team_Handre the Sound
The HTS team

Juliette: I originally created it on my own in 2012 and took care of every thing until recently (singles, compilations, advertising for blogs, magazines and radio stations). Two of my friends have recently joined me in order to boost this project. We have just launched a series of mixes and we also work on an EP with Lil Taty and Shao in Serbia. It requires a lot of work, we have to be flexible and be rigorous. It was quite complicated to work alone as I felt limited in my skills. Now, I think that we will be able to develop this correctly. We want to release more projects and start doing some merchandising as well.

A.M: Congratulations for handling it on your own for such a long time!

Juliette: Thank you!

A.M: How do you get in touch with the different artists, how do you attract them in your label?

Juliette: We contact most of them via Facebook, as there is a real community amongst certain Facebook groups. We take part of Classical Trax and Sister collectives (both had released a great compilation which had been relayed by Fader). We also discuss a lot with the different producers, DJs and label owners. Furthermore, we send tracks to each other, we discuss and show support towards what others do. That’s why we all have a great relationship.

I have met most of the artists present on HTS via Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram. We also occasionally send emails. We receive quite a lot of demands with unreleased tracks.

A.M: What are your projects in the near future and what is your long-term goal?

Juliette: Regarding the near future, we will continue our series of mixes. The next DJ to mix for us will be Elosi, a female DJ from Brooklyn who has released quite a lot of stuff for JEROME and Pico Picante. In the long term, we would like to change HTS in a web radio but we will take our time to do it the right way. The main objective of this series of mixes is really to promote the “Clubbing culture” and reveal new artists to people who might be more focused on a specific type of music. We think that all (or almost all) styles can cohabit together and form a large family.

Being eclectic and open-minded is really important, especially when you are owning a label. We are also working on a EP with Lil Taty and Shao (the really first one to be released on HTS as we just have compilations and singles so far). It takes a lot of time to prepare it, as we need to guarantee their diffusion on Spotify, Itunes, BandCamp and many others. We also need to ensure the mastering, the visuals and all the technical and legal aspects… But we are very happy to work with them, we have a really good relationship.

Compil_Handle the Sound
Summer Comp 2k17

We will release more single tracks in the upcoming months. We are currently thinking about the Mermaid Comp Vol 5.

On a long term scale, we really want to develop our releases while keeping in mind our identity. We start thinking about some merchandising (tee shirts, tote bags and stickers). The best thing that could happen would be organizing releases parties in Paris and Brussels. One person of our label (Margot) has experience in that topic and we are all really excited about organizing things. For my part, I am learning how to mix, in order to be efficient on the subject.


A.M: Do you have any event projects with the name of your label?

Juliette: On a personal matter, I am working on an European Tour with an American DJ and producer which would take place next year. Hopefully I will gain some experience in booking so I would take advantage for HTS!

A.M: The name of our association, Airplane Mode, refers to these moments when we need to take time for ourselves and have a break from the rest of the world. When do you switch off to Airplane Mode?

Juliette: When I need to focus on something for several hours. Otherwise I have the reflex to check what is happening on Internet too often !


By Len and Théo