JeuneBobo, the self-made artist

We had the opportunity to meet JeuneBobo, a young multi-faceted artist based in Brussels, and talk with him about his last project Origami and his universe.

Airplane Mode :  Where does your name come from? Why Jeune Bobo ?

JeuneBobo : Everything began when I started to go in all the bobo and most hyped places in Brussels, eating cheesecake and drinking Tao. My friends made fun about all of this and they gave me a new nickname: “Jeune Bobo”. We first started to make jokes about this on Snapchat and all my friend began to call me this way. After a while, they thought this nickname was fun and suited me well, so it has stayed. But wait, I’m not a real bobo, Jeunebobo is more like an upgraded version, a Bobo 2.0.

A.M :  And where did it all start ?

J.B : All started in the Chatelain area, here in Brussels. I’m half Portuguese and my mum got a small wine shop in this area. I was about 17 or 18. I started to organize small events in my mum’s shop. My idea was to gather everything at the same place : my friends and some good music. Later, by word of mouth everything just got bigger. More and more people came by when I was organizing events. Then, I decided to make something different. So I decided to invite DJs, and beat makers.

This project ended up around 2012, and Les Apéros chill, that I created with several friends are just the logical continuation of this. For our first edition we teamed up with Le Green Lab, at Legrand, where we organized Les Apéros Chill once a week. This year, we are in partnership with Kumiko in the Dansaert area.

 A.M : Do you have any particular influences ?

J.B : I take a lot of inspiration from people like Mouloud Achour and Jimmy Fallon. What I enjoy the most is being close to people. I’m always trying to be the link between an audience and their favorite artists. Moreover, Will Smith is also a part of my daily inspiration.

A.M : How did you get into rap music ? 

J.B : I’m not really into rap, I’m much more into what I call “Bobo music”.
Bobo everywhere, the real Bobo life, you know what I mean?
By the way, today is Day One of my Bobo life routine. I share it with all my followers on Instagram. It’s quite easy, I’m trying to get into an healthy mood as much as possible.
It’s more an healthy way of life than an healthy life.      JeuneBoboA.M : What do you think about Brussels’ musical scene ?

J.B : When it comes to music, I love everything that is directly or indirectly linked to it. I’m a little bit like a sponge, if I may say so. I take everything I like to hear, no matter who did it and how it was done.

Concerning the musical scene here in Brussels, or more widely in Belgium, a lot of things are going on. Indeed, a lot of Belgian artists have been put in the spotlight lately. I don’t think that this is a trend, or only just because few Belgian artists broke through music on an international scale that we are put in the spotlight today. The young talents here have been doing their own business long before all this attention focused on Brussels.

This spotlight is a real motivation, it pushes us to work like hell to succeed and stand out from the crowd. Wherever you come from, if you work hard you can make it. There is no secret. Thanks to this, everybody feels that it’s now possible to be a part of the Belgian  artistic scene.

This motivation is also a source of positive energy, something you want to take for yourself and share with other people. It’s a real strength, especially when people give you back more than you gave them. There’s also a form of positive competition, when you are always trying to surpass yourself. It’s like a challenge where everybody is trying to make better than everybody else.

The French rap is currently blowing up, not only in France, but also in Belgium, in Canada or in Switzerland for instance,  with some MCS like DI-MEH. Today, it’s much more accurate to speak of a Francophone rap instead of French rap. It’s like a snowball effect, if people are aware of all the possibilities, they will be strongly motivated to excel and shine.

A.M : Any favorite places to write in Brussels ?

J.B : I don’t really have favorite spots to write my songs here in Brussels. I usually put my earphones on when I’m walking down the streets and then, when something comes to my mind, I write it in my notebook. I’m always more inspired by the people I come across than places in particular.

A.M : Any favorite themes ?

J.B : No, not really. I write about everything that comes to my mind. Nevertheless, sarcasm often comes back in my lyrics. Yeah, I think that sarcasm is quite representative of me and who I am. I’m trying to take things lightly you know, I’m aware of what’s going on but I have to be positive to move forward. Look at the weather in Belgium, you better be positive right?

A.M : Do you have any personal projects currently in progress ?

J.B : Yes, I’m rather busy lately. I am currently working on many projects including Les Apéros Chill at Kumiko. I’m also working on a new EP that will be finished soon and on a side project, slideinmybm.

A.M : Can you tell us more about Origami, your last project ?

I worked with RENAS to drop this song few weeks ago. Behind Origami, there is a funny story. Indeed, at first we chose a random prod that we found on the Internet and we started to use it. Just one week before the release of the song, we had the idea to send our work to our friend Ekany, a beat maker. Two or three days after, he sent our work back with a brand new prod. The new beat was actually dope, so we used it. We wanted to release something serious, so for the video clip my roommate Andy Mutanga helped us out! We are pretty glad of the result.

A.MWhat is slideinmybm ?

J.B : slideinmybm is one of my side project. At first, this was just an idea that came to my mind. I was broke and I had a lot of spare time and I was like “What’s possible to do when you’re broke but you have time? Why not using my phone and Instagram to interview people?”.

So this is when it all started. I used my story through Snapchat, and later on Instagram to interview people such as Pablo Andres, Romeo Elvis, or Jon Tyler the artistic director of the Bloody Louis. It was also really cool to experienced that with Junior Goodfellaz when he was at DOUR. He was a little bit like our spy within the backstage of the festival. The cool part is that I can do this with whoever I want, whenever and wherever. I’m stoked about the results and the feedback, so it got me interested in doing something a little less muddled.

A.M : How would you describe Brussels in three words ?

J.B : Let me think… I would say “rain” (of course). But I would also often describe Brussels as a boiling city, in a molten state you see ? And for the last one, I’ll go for good vibes.

JeuneBoboA.M : What are your favorite tracks of the moment ?

J.B : Let me check my phone…

DAMSO – J’suis dans l’tieks
Roméo Elvis x Le Motel – J’ai vu ft. Angèle
ISHA – L’Augmentation Pt1
EDDY APE – Juste Une Chance

I’m also listening to a lot of prods lately and few of my songs.

A.M : The best three places in town to party ?

J.B : Actually, the place is not the most important for me, it’s much more the party or the people themselves. I’m going where the party is at, whatever the place.




A.M : The name of our association is Airplane Mode. It refers to these moments when you need to disconnect yourself from the world and do something that corresponds to you. When do you switch off to Airplane Mode?

J.B : Most of the people I know would say that I’m never offline and always playing with my phone. The only place where I switch to Airplane Mode is when I’m in my studio. To be honest, it’s only because there is no signal here. Anyway, it gives me the chance to stay in my bubble and focus on my music.


                                                                                                                                                                  By Max