[Interview] Jeune RV

Your music in a few words?

I would say I’m open to any trend.

What made you think, “okay, let’s get into the music industry”?

I love music and I spend my time listening to it every day, so I really just wanted to do something related to music, which led me to start playing with some dj programs.

Can you tell us about your musical journey up until now?

I started mixing in my bedroom and from time to time in a free. Then I started to release mixes on Soundcloud, my first mix was called “Mood by rv”. Ever since then, people enjoyed my music and I jumped ahead. My first “test” show happened to be in a small bar next to the Saint-Géry Market Halls. After that I got many propositions to perform.

What are your current artistic projects?

At the moment I try to perfect my technic and I start making new creations.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I draw my inspiration from my roots, the percussion sonorities. The great Sango also made me discover a new universe that he perfected in his own way. By the way, I had the honor to perform with him for the BSMNT.

I also would like to mention Kaytranada for his musical universe tainted with electro and the way he uses his samples, Michael Jackson for his voice and the character himself, and also Marvin Gay. In France, I like the way Booba has been able to remain at the top since he started while staying in the trend. There are many other artists like P. Diddy, Pharell Williams

Which music have you been listening to recently?

Recently I have been listening to Goldlink‘s latest album , “At What Cost”,  “Damn” from Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross’ album “Rather you than Me” and of course, “More life” from Drake.