Idyl, from daydream to reality

We had the occasion to discuss with Idyl, a young, sensitive and promising artist who will play at the “Apéros culturels” this Tuesday at the Vertigo cocktail bar.

Airplane Mode: Could you introduce yourself? What is your story?

Idyl: So… I’m a 20 years old Belgian girl. I started playing music when I was 6 years old thanks to my parents who took me to an introductory music course for children. I really loved it and pursued on this path.

AM: Do you have any interests, passions other than music ?

Idyl: Yes absolutely! I write a lot, mainly short stories. I paint and I love dancing as well !

AM: When was Idyl born? When did you choose this stage name?

Idyl: I chose this name 1 year ago, when I started working with JALI. Idyl makes me think about Vanessa Paradis and her song Divine Idylle.

AM: Vanessa Paradis has inspired you a lot, can you tell us why?

Idyl: It’s just like she will always keep this fresh, youthful side like nobody else. Even if she’s aging with the passing of time, I think she is not changing as much as the others. I really admire her a lot.


AM: We saw that you participated in the musical TV show « The Voice ». Could you tell us more about this experience?

Idyl: Let me remember [laughs]. Well, I was watching this show from the beginning and I was telling myself « You have to do it one day » without really believing in it, just a « why not? » state of mind you know. It was a great experience, I realized what the little girl Barbara (her first name) wanted to do and met other people who shared the same dream, making music. This experience allowed me to become accustomed to stage performance, and pushed me to reach out to people.

AM: When did you participate in the Voice? And what did it bring to you beside getting accustomed to the stage?

Idyl: I gained more maturity as I met people from all ages and conditions. I met people who have children, students, young professionals… I have learned a lot from them.

AM: What are you doing now ?

Idyl: I’m studying marketing.

AM: What are your plans for the future? Do you want to be a professional singer or do you want to keep it as a passion, having a steady job beside that?

Idyl: Just like a majority of fellow artists, I would like to live off my music. But I keep studying just in case, you  never know what could happen in a near future! Hopefully I will live off it one day!

AM: Apart from Vanessa Paradis, which artists inspire you the most?

Idyl: I particularly love Janis Joplin and the 60’s – 70’s Rock. I also appreciate Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Christophe Maé for French ones.

AM: You have collaborated with JALI on your music project. What did this collaboration bring to you?

Idyl: Above all, experience! I didn’t really like singing in French before, and JALI has reconciled me with it. The fact that he’s really good writing in French comforts me a lot in what I’m doing.

AM: Are you composing together too?

Idyl: Yes, we spend a lot of time together. He’s like my brother, he motivates me and rectifies the shot when I take the wrong way…


AM: Can you tell us about one of your best moments on stage?

Idyl: Well, I don’t speak much when I’m on stage, but people are always nice with me, they help me fill in the gaps, they also encourage me. So more than a moment, I like to remember people’s kindness.

AM: Do you stress a lot before going on stage? Is it a mix of apprehension and excitement?

Idyl: What stresses me the most is forgetting the lyrics! It’s like an obsessive fear… I am quite a perfectionist. I used to rehearse a lot before my concert in order to avoid this kind of situation.

AM: And you, when do you switch to airplane mode?

Idyl: Mostly when I’m writing or composing my music.

AM: Anything else?

Idyl: Not really, just thank you very much for inviting me to your  Apéros culturels !

Interview by Théo.