Greeny, Brussels’ greenest vibes

We met Greeny, a Brussels based DJ, and talked with him about his love for music, nature and energies. He will set fire to the next edition of Up & Dawn on September 13th. Get ready !


Airplane Mode : What type of music influence you the most ?

Greeny : Since my childhood, I mainly draw my inspiration from hip-hop.  I can’t forget the music video of MC Solaar- Les temps changent. I think this was released in 1993 or 1994. This was a kind of revelation for me. When saw these girls dancing in the video, I was telling everybody that one day I’ll be just like them (It has never happened by the way). I grew up with Xzibit, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dog, Mc Solaar and many more. This era was the golden age of hip-hop music and I’m pretty glad to be born at this time. I have listened a lot of hip-hop, electro, pop and techno… I can label myself as a true music lover who listens what he loves whatever it is and whoever did it.

A.M : How would you describe your inspiration in three words ?

G : Man, that’s not an easy question!  

For the first one I would say energy. To me, everything around is a source of energy. When I’m behind the turntables and watch all the people dancing and enjoying the vibes it’s just crazy. I am not that kind of Dj that comes only for the set and goes home when it’s over. I’m here to share this energy and touch people through my vibes.

For the second one I’ll go for love. Yes, what would we do without love? Why would we do things that we don’t love? I’m a musician because I love music, it’s as simple as that.

The last one is heat. I love giving my love and my energy to people so as to create human warmth. This human side is one of the main characteristic of my personality. I think the combination of love, heat and energy is the key to understand what music makes me feel and how deep it affects me.

A.M : What do you think about Brussels’ musical scene ?

G : In my view, in Brussels we are too narrow minded, musically speaking I mean. In the past, I lived in London for a month and I saw how things working there. People in England have a broader mind and a different mentality. They are not waiting for a new trend, they are creating it. I mean, they are not afraid to take the risk to make something new and very different. If they like something, nothing will stop them to realize it, even if they failed, they will try again until they succeed.

That’s something we don’t have here in our mentality. The vast majority of people here in Brussels are not trying, they are just following trends and waiting for new ones. Only a very small handful of young people here are just starting to take initiatives and I like this energy. I’m still waiting for that minority to become a majority. Once people will get that difference are the keys to move the musical scene forward, things and minds will change very fast.

In Flanders, their mentality is totally different and quite similar to the Anglo-Saxon one. Indeed, the musical scene in Antwerp for instance is much more mad than in Brussels. Strange no ? They dare to try but the most important is that they dare not to follow trends. I have spent a lot of time between Brussels and Antwerp, and I was really inspired by this energy. That’s why I like to combine different style of music during my set. I like when different styles of music work perfectly together and complement each other. People like Kanye West, Franck Ocean or Danny Brown have already understood that for a long time, and that’s why I consider them as genius. This skill to use the differences as their own identity is just crazy.

As i said before, I grew up with different styles of music. That’s why I like to combine different styles of music during my sets. Everybody can’t like it of course and this is not what I expect. All of this is a part of my background and these combinations and variations are a part of my identity. Love, energy and heat, all is linked in my music once again.

A.M : So, Brussels or Antwerp ?

G : Something between Bru-Werp.

A.M : Do we have this kind of DJ in Brussels ?

G : In Brussels ? Not a lot actually.
I really like Theo‘s work. The way he mixes all kind of hip-hop together. He always comes up with some gems hard to find. He knows what to play at the right moment. This is why he’s a great DJ. Besides, Nicolas Bellagio’s work is very cool as well, I’ve always loved what he does! The last one is Zoey Hasselbank! She’s very talented!

A.M : Why do you call yourself Greeny ?

G : Today when I woke up and realized that the interview was today, I was sure that you would ask me this question ! Actually, I have always loved everything that is somehow linked to nature and sports. So it comes as no surprise that the green is a color that really calms me down and refers to nature, plants and my type of energies. One day, I was with one my friend and “Greeny” came to our mind. According to us, this was the perfect name to sum up not only what I love but also who I am. We thought that this name sounds good and was easy to remember so I kept it.

A.M : Who helped you out ?

G : I remember the day when Simon le Saint taught me everything. I came to his place for maybe like five hours, believing I was a good DJ and I soon realized I still had a lot to learn. He took time to show me all the tricks. I won’t be there doing what I do today if he didn’t help me that’s sure. I see him a little bit like my mentor and I’m very grateful for all he has done for me !

A.M : How do you usually start your set ?

G : The first track of my set is something I chose carefully. I want everybody to come in my universe during the first seconds of my set. Man, there is this track Falcons-Vroom, I don’t have the words. It’s just insane. I start almost all my sets with this song! It’s a little bit like my trademark, “Copyright Greeny not with a C but with a G”.

A.M : What’s your favorite track for a pick time ?

G : That a tricky question ! I got tons of tracks for this moment ! Well, to be honest, the
most important is to put the right track at the right time. It’s all about the timing. It’s a little bit like being at the right place at the right time, it’s all that matters. You have to feel what the audience wants and what their mood is. Once you got the move, you’re sure to make a good set. But yes, I’ll go for : Darq E Freaker Feat Danny Brown – Blueberry Denzel Curry – Talk that shit. But also some of Drum and Bass and of course some good hard trap like Migos – Bad and Boujee (R3HAB remix)

A.M : Who are your favorite artists of the moment ?

G : I really like 21 Savage, Wiliknson, Denzel Curry and all the guys of this new generation of American rappers. They’re all young, and they have created this new wave of young rappers who spend their time smoking and drinking. They had or still have very difficult lives but after all they went through, they found the way to turn their frustration into something positive and create their own music and style.

I hate when people tell me “rap was better before”. Everything changes ! People who were listening to jazz music before, they are now listening to soul music. This is the same for people who were listening to rock music, they are now listening to another kind of rock music. Our society is constantly evolving it’s the same for music. Every artist has to move with the times and be influenced by as much musical genre as possible to be among the best.

A.M : Where would you like to play the most ?

G : I had the opportunity to play two years in a row at Les Ardentes  and that was just  dope. To be honest, playing at Dour and set fire to the main stage would be just crazy! But I’m not that complicated, a smaller stage would do the job too!

A.M :  Do you have any projects currently in progress ?

G : At the moment, I’m working hard on the development of my own skills to be at the top. In the future I see myself organizing events and parties… But now, I let my imagination works and I’m still focusing on the idea of what could be a perfect project and how I can make it happen. It takes time if you want to do things right, but don’t forget that you have to be quick and realize it before someone else takes your idea.
I am, as soon as I turn my music on I really feel disconnected from the world.

A.M : The name of our association is Airplane Mode. It refers to these moments when you need to disconnect yourself from the world and do something that corresponds to you. When do you switch off to Airplane Mode ?

G : When I’m listening to music. Wherever I am, as soon as I turn my music on I really feel disconnected from the world.

                                                                                                                                                                         By Max