[Interview] Encounter with Junior Goodfellaz

Junior Goodfellaz, whose real name is Denis Seebarrun, is a 25 year-old dj from Brussels. He has been djying for 6 years now. We met him and talked about beats and bro’.

His two brothers, both in their forties, are djs and they are the one who inspired Junior. He grew up surrounded with vinyls and music, so given the circumstances, he started djying too. He quickly realized how much he liked it; that was enough for him to jump straight onto the bandwagon! He met a lot of people on his way to becoming a professional dj.

Junior is also the one behind L’or du Commun and Roméo Elvis’s hits. Primero from L’or du Commun is one of his childhood friends. Five years ago Primero and his bros were living together in the house next door, they were just starting to make their way in the music industry and were looking for a dj. Well, you might be able to guess the end of the story: Junior met them and it didn’t take long for them to work together.

Later they met Roméo Elvis and Junior ended being the dj for his two first albums.

One of his greatest musical memories was participating in his first big festival in Belgium. Dour, 2 pm, Junior is about to perform with L’or du Commun, 4800 people are there, he is standing with his back to the crowd, right before starting, he turns around and sees 5000 faces at once.

Now, you might wonder what the story behind his stage name is. Let me tell you that, again, his brothers played a great role in it. Junior is actually the youngest of the family and Goodfellaz is the name of the family-made soundsystem.

His music is eclectic, from Brazilian to Egyptian through African, Belgian and other European influences. Everything is about mixing, whether music or cultures, to tell people a story, to take them out of themselves. However, his major influences come from overseas: American Hip-hop (great hits from the 90’s) and Jamaican Reggae. So, he keeps an ear out for new releases on the other side of the Atlantic, the birthplace of urban music and hip-hop in general.

© Martin Gallone

Junior told us that people often say he doesn’t smile when he mixes but truth is, it’s because he is too concentrated to. As a dj, there are so many criteria to take into account and to analyze in order to make sure people have a good time, create a specific atmosphere. It’s the other side of the dj life that people are usually not aware of. Given his altruistic approach, Junior Goodfellaz does not bring an already made playlist when he performs, he observes his public and tries to make people enjoy themselves.

At the moment, he is working on different projects; he mentioned three that mark the beginning of the year 2017. First, the next album of L’or du Commun which will be released on the 3rd of May, so stay tuned! Second, Junior is having some gigs with Roméo Elvis for Morale 2. Third, RTBF is launching a new digital media called Média Z and Junior, together with Loxley from L’or du Commun, will take the lead of the editorial line. Blessed are the Hip-Hop and Rap lovers, it promises to be great!

To conclude the interview, we asked him when he sets himself in airplane mode. His answer was from 6 am to 11 am (in other words, when he sleeps) and when he mixes (of course!), otherwise he is “over-connected” as his friends sometimes say.