[Interview] Élodie Gérard-photographer

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What does photography mean for you?

It is a way of capturing a moment with lights on a sensor.

How did you get into the photography business?

Best moments have limited time spans; it’s my own way of savoring them forever. In my opinion photography is based on the feeling of frustration. I started taking pictures of my friends during trips to the coast and on nights out. Then, I was asked to work for several festivals and jumped straight onto the bandwagon!

What about your creation process? Where does your inspiration come from?

I’m easily influenced by what surrounds me, and I adapt really quickly to different aesthetics. My photographs change according to the people I’m with. I love collaborating, it means a lot of new encounters and it merges many ideas. The outcome is often brilliant! I started fashion shooting this year, first with Alizée Roland, a designer who I love; and I collaborated with my internship supervisor Serge Lebon, who is really well-known in this field. It opened my eyes to this universe. I’m still a big fan of Juergen Teller and Guy Bourdin, who will remain eternal masters of this art.

What is most rewarding in your artistic activity?

Encounters! Like now, Airplane Mode asked me to exhibit for one of its events, it’s a real honor.

What is your dream as an artist?

To make a living by taking photographs.

What does Airplane Mode mean for you?

A very promising association, spotlighting young creators is a very ambitious idea. It’s not only about partying, it’s about culture. This doesn’t surprise me as Sarah and Charlotte both graduated in History of Art. I wish Airplane Mode only good things for the future and thank them so much for the the event!


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