DJ KRESHIK “just like a mole, he loves to dig”

DJ and co-founder of Brussels based collective BeatChronic, Kreshik will light up the dance floor for us this Wednesday 18th October for the second edition of Velvet Wednesdays. He answered a few questions for us in anticipation.

Half Belgian half Polish, Kreshik takes his name from a Czech cartoon mole, to symbolise his love for getting down and dirty digging for underground musical gems. Nothing he likes more than finding old dusty records to bring diversity to his sets! Ranging from hip-hopdiscojazzfunkafrobeathousebass and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.



Airplane Mode: How did you get into DJing?

Kreshik: I was first introduced into music by dancing. I was poppin’ and lockin’ at the Luxembourg Station on some tunes I found on the internet. After that, I was obsessed with rhythms, it was all about percussion and the way to express them with my body. Some time later, I wanted to get involved in what would make other people bounce, that’s how I decided to get my first 2 turntables and 1 MPC 2000XL and started making beats. After searching all the time for samples, my passion for the black gold took over. I literally stopped making beats and began searching for music full-time. Since then, I kept digging music every day, in every era, and every part of the world and that’s how I got into DJing.

Airplane Mode: Did you always want to be a DJ?

Kreshik: I never thought I was going to be a DJ, the idea about sharing my latest discoveries went step by step. A few years ago, we organised an afternoon party at the university where I prepared a playlist with 6 hours non-stop Madlib. I remember spending one whole week trying to listen to every single track Madlib had produced and trying to arrange them in a coherent way without any mixing skills. After that, I felt like I had to take it to the next level and keep on creating vibes and trying to mix them.


Airplane Mode: What made you change your mind and made you want to be a DJ?

Kreshik: I changed my mind because I realised it was a great outlet for me to express my music through DJing. After dancing, it became a natural transition for me to share the music that I found and spread it across the dance floors. I guess I became obsessed by doing what I do and that’s something that makes me feel better as a person, to share my passion through music in a positive way to the people who surround me and to also give them the power to achieve their dreams. I am so glad that I did it, because I live for music and couldn’t imagine living without it. I’m always working on my musical projects and I like to use my time for something that can push me further.

Airplane Mode: What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Kreshik: Since I was a kid, I was always amazed about what was around me: the people I see in the streets, the sounds around me, the beauty of the nature, these elements were my inspiration. I’m really sensitive about how the energy flows and interacts with its environment and I try to incorporate that into my DJing. I am really inspired by seeing the beautiful in the ugly. Its definitely something personal to everyone, everybody has his own interpretation about what’s supposed to be good or bad, that’s what makes the relationships interesting between objects and humans.


Airplane Mode: What does success look like to you?

Kreshik: My life goal is to be happy whatever happens to me, its all about following my dreams, taking them raw from your brain and building them with your hands physically. I’m really inspired by the ones who are not afraid to listen to their souls and be recognised for being what they truly are.

Airplane Mode: What’s your favourite track at the moment?

Kreshik: I’m really into dancefloor music nowadays, I like to play a wide range of different music during my sets, so I couldn’t just pick one track only. At the moment I am really digging the track Dada Cantona – Canal, remixed by SertOne. But I do have to say that I find it very interesting the way electronic music has been taking music further by being inspired with previous music discoveries and creating something different with it. This track it the perfect example, using Brazilian sounds with some incredible basslines. Banger.


Airplane Mode: Is there anywhere you dream of performing?

Kreshik: Usually, I play for small crowds and I kind of like it. The most important thing for me is to create a vibe and share the energy with the people in front of me. I’m really looking forward to playing in countries where DJing is not very established, one of my dream places would be to play somewhere in Brazil or Ethiopia, that’s for sure.

Airplane Mode: Any funny anecdotes of a show?

Kreshik: The best anecdote I have would certainly be the DJ set I did in Tehran (Iran) last year. I was invited to play in an old Turkish bath.

The first time I played there, everybody was sitting and I played for 1 hour not understanding why people weren’t dancing at all, so I asked to turn the lights off and continued to play without seeing anybody.

Two days later, they wanted me to play again and I decided to change my strategy. I asked everybody to stand up and tried to explain that I wanted to see them dancing during my set. Everybody stood up, some of them fled and the rest danced with with me for one of the most incredible hours of my life.

After the set, the Iranian people who stayed told me that they had never danced outside their houses before and they would never forget this experience, that’s the kind of anecdote I will keep with me my entire life. After that, they explained to me that if the police had seen Iranian people dancing to western music they would have sent them to jail. That’s when I understood that the rest of the people had fled because they were afraid.









Airplane Mode: Do you have a dream collaboration?

Kreshik: Nowadays I don’t have any, my collaborations are very organic. It depends on the vibe I share with someone. For example, in November I’m going to tour in Europe with my good friend Gayance with whom I can play B2B without any problem.

Airplane Mode: When do you switch off to “airplane mode”?

Kreshik: For me, my “airplane mode” would probably be when I’m DJing. I consider those moments like something I’m fully dedicated in and not worrying about anything during it. For me, people are less involved in religion than before. DJs have taken on the role of the preachers because people still need to forget their problems and share some positivity on the dance floor. That’s why I put the accent on it through my Huveshta Rituals, concept which means “good action” in Farsi language. It comes from one of the motto in the Zoroastrian religion: Humeta, Hukhta, Huvestha. (Think good, speak good, act good)


Kreshik chose Rue des Chandeliers and the Palais de Justice for the pictures as he thinks they fit perfectly into the Brussels mindset of contrasting good and bad, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly.

So, join us at the Velvet Wednesdays’ second edition on the 18th October to catch Kreshik’s set!


By Eloïse