Daniil Zozulya, when closeness and universality meet each other

Daniil Zozulya
We are glad to present you to Daniil Zozulya, an 18 year-old whose passion for photography and life altogether gives out an amazing result. On the occasion of our third edition of Les Apéros Culturels, taking place today from 5pm until 12pm at la Récré, his beautiful work will be exposed. So feel free to come and discover Daniil’s work and be ready to be moved by his photographs!

Airplane Mode: Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Daniil Zozulya: I am Daniil Zozulya, 18 years old, born in Kazakhstan from an Ukrainian father and a Russian mother. In short, I fancy writing poetry and drinking beers with my friends among other things.

A.M: When did you particularly become interested in photography? What triggered it?

Daniil: In the first place, I started being interested in photography in 2011. However, without any specific reasons. To be honest with you, I was just a little kid who was playing with the camera of his phone as I was very curious and wanted to find a hobby. That’s it.

A.M: Your pictures significantly convey a sensation of closeness to you and your world mixed with nostalgia as if we have known each other for ever. How can you explain that? 

Daniil: I think that you can feel through my pictures how I cherish Love and Friendship. In addition, those  two things are important for everyone which is why you have this sensation of closeness. I mean, it’s universal. I take pictures of different moments that happen in everyone’s life. Once again, these are universal things and more particularly to 18 year old boys like me. [Laughs]

A.M: Can you share with us an anecdote concerning one of your pieces of work?

Daniil: I made this double exposure accidentally with my camera. In other words, I was worried before I saw the final result which turned out to look quite good in the end!

Double Exposure
Double Exposure

A.M: How do you get your inspiration? 

Daniil: Principally thanks to my best friends who share the same passion as me.  I like their pictures and their work. They inspire me everyday! Other than that, I like watching other photographers’ works like Manu Fauque, Antoine Henault, Wang Wei or Cléo Nikita.

A.M: Why do humans captivate you that much? 

Daniil: If you think a bit about the universe, you will see how tiny we are. We are nothing. Nevertheless, everything we do is so complex to understand. Why do we love? Why do we exist? I aim at taking pictures which show how tiny we are in this world. Overall, taking pictures of my friends evolving in different places which could be city streets or among Mother Nature [Laughs].

A.M: What do your friends think about them being the main protagonists in your work? 

Daniil: Nothing. Frankly, I don’t know. Maybe I should ask them this question around a few beers…

A.M: What are your plans for the future?

Daniil: I will continue my studies [Laughs]. I also want to release my second book, travel as much as I can and take a lot of beautiful pictures!

Looking at the MilkywayA.M: The name of our association is Airplane Mode. It refers to these moments when you need to disconnect yourself from the world and do something that corresponds to you. When do you switch off to Airplane Mode?

Daniil: I’ve switched off to Airplane Mode a long time ago! Hopefully people who  contemplate my work and read my poems will want to disconnect themselves for a moment as well!

Feel free to check his work on his website!

By Léa & Len