[Interview] Beatsforbeaches – “My purple town”

October is here which means the beattape “My Purple Town” is out! It’s on a basketball court in Cureghem where we met the man behind the name “Beatsforbeaches“. He seemed like a pretty relaxed dude, a real “brusselair” wearing his RSC Anderlecht football jersey. His music carried us away so we had to know more about the man who makes beats for the beaches.

How did you first get into music ?

My dad is this supercool dude who told me to listen to Moby, St Germain, Aphex Twin, … when I was about 12, and I loved it. Also, my parents have been taking me to festivals since I was a kid.

I started dj’ing after I switched schools at the age of 17. This new school was a turning-point in my life when I look back at it now . I quickly made some friends there who I’m still friends with today. Such as DJ Phonetics f.e. (one of the best eclectic dj’s of Belgium atm imo). He had turntables at his house and I watched him mix grime, dubstep, … and it made me wanna do it too.

Discovering this kind of music made me feel like I wanted to share it. So I went and got a job in a factory on weekends and I saved money to buy technics and records. Other friends started to make music with Ableton. I watch them for a while to learn how to work with it and I started producing too. At that time, a lot of people around me were doing something with music or art. We decided to start a crew called ‘54kolaktiv‘. Today, almost 9 years later, we still organize parties in Brussels – like EXIT54 on Dec. 16th at Recyclart.

Describe your music in 3 words

Spacey tropical beats

For you, what is the role of music in general ? What is the role of your music?

The older I get, the more important music is to me. I used to listen to one genre for months or even worse, to just a few artists. The last few years I noticed that listening to different genres and discovering new music is healthier for my mind and soul.

Which neighbourhoods of Brussels do you feel most at home in, and why?

Place Sainte Catherine aka ’54’ (Sain’ Cath) is the place where I hang out the most. The reason is simple, it’s the meetingpoint for a lot of my friends. Kureghem is my neighbourhood. My hood is between the water of the canal and the residential area and I love it. One side is loud and crowded and the other is calm and green.

When you make your music, what kind of things or places inspire you ?

People inspire me the most. Some of the tracks on ‘My Purple Town‘ are specifically made with one (sometimes more) person in mind. And also Brussels. I love this city and the sounds I can hear in the clubs, concert halls and of course through bluetooth speakers in the streets.

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What are your Belgian musical influences ? International musical influences ?

A shout out to Belgian labels like Vlek, Frontal, Onpoint, Tangram, R&S, Ekster, Bepotel. Internationally there is just too much, but think Brainfeeder, Warp, G.O.O.D., OVO, Ninja Tune

The perfect artistic collaboration ?

It would be insane to work with Kanye or Sampha or Justin Vernon or Frank Ocean or Chance (the Rapper).

When do you put your cellphone on « Airplane Mode » ?

Actually, I never do. I just put it on silent mode when I don’t want to be disturbed. But maybe I will start putting it on Airplane Mode from now on. Being unreachable now and then may be a good thing.

The reason why you prefer making “beats for beaches” rather than “bitches” ?

Haha well my roots are close to Ostend so I lived close to the beach until I was 11. During my summers as a kid, I spent almost everyday on the beach with my grandparents, and they were great summers with lots of ice-cream. And now I think about the beach, or the sea, at least once a day. It’s like an ‘escape for 10 seconds’ kinda thing. Like right now I would like to be on a beach, wouldn’t you? But on the other hand, I think about bitches way more often… so yeah… haha
Beatsforbeaches will be the opening act for Clams Casino on the VK stage this Sunday 30th of October. You can also see him during the Exit54 party at Recyclart (December 16th).


To listen to his tracks over and over again, check Beatsforbeaches on his Souncloud.