Art de Noé : The colorful painter of the “Close Up”

Art de Noé
Portraits, animals, vivid colors… Here is Noé‘s artistic universe who we had the pleasure to meet for the interview below. He will be at the “Close Up” edition next 19th and 20th of May.

Airplane Mode: Since when do you paint ?

Noé: I’ve started painting at a very young age because I grew up with Art and exhibitions thanks to my mother who is a painter herself, but also with my father. After working a lot on paper base I did my first painting at 17.

A.M: Why did you choose the nickname « Art de Noé » ? It sounds like the « Arche de Noé » (Noah’s Ark in English), are you a fan of this story ?

Noé: The nickname « Art de Noé » is effectively a link with « l’Arche de Noé » (Noah’s Ark). Noé is my name as well and I have always been attracted by all the animals of the world, so it’s a synonym of diversity for human beings too. The history of my first name led me to a very diversified universe, full of life and colors, without restraining myself to an unique style. I prefer to use everything new and original that Life can bring.

A.M: What are your principal inspirations ?

Noé: Regarding the artists, my influences are also diversified. I’m fascinated by Keith Haring, Picasso, Francis Bacon, Bansky, Jonas Burgt, Egon Schiele

A.M: Do you have a favorite place to paint in ? A place which inspires you ?

Noé: The place where I feel the most comfortable is my art studio with all my canvas, drawings et stuff… Otherwise, the street itself and the abandoned places inspire me too. I often improvise my drawings on the walls which « speak » to me.

A.M: Did someone give you the will to become a painter ? A mentor maybe ?

Noé: My mother is always a source of inspiration for me, I’ve always been tremendously fascinated by her works and thanks to her I always had the best material at my disposal. And the best advices when I started my carrier too.

A.M: Which piece of art do you like the most ?

Noé: I don’t really have any work I am the proudest of. Each one of them brings its contribution to my artistic evolution, as I am constantly questioning myself and my work I am a bit too much perfectionist to choose only one of them!

A.M: Do you paint faces thanks to a model or only from memory?

Noé: Both. I need to have a model when I try to be in realism. I also try to let my imagination run free regarding other types of work such as cartoons and comic books which run out of my head, depending on my state of mind at the moment.

A.M: We can see that you use a lot of different colors, can you explain why ?

Noé: I have always been attracted by colors, so it is very hard for me to settle for only one color code. In fact, I love to bring that touch because it is so unusual in a world where pictures come and go nonstop. I also like to bring out my elements in a more lively way, with a specific vibration.

A.M: To conclude, do you have any plans for the future ?

Noé: I have a lot of projects for the future such as owning Art galleries here in Brussels in order to be able to travel and make my art vibrant, in order to establish Art galleries in South Africa and Los Angeles. I would also like to check the universe of the Street Art with very large wall paintings.

Don’t hesitate and go check his website.

“Close Up” 

Friday 19th of May / 4pm-10pm / 5€

Saturday 20th of May / 2pm-10pm / 8€

Weekend pass / 10€

Musée Juif de Belgique / Joods Museum van Belgïe
Miniemenstraat 21, 1000 Brussel (Zavel/Sablon)

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