FTRSND presents Initiate at Fuse this Saturday

Better be prepared ! A great party is coming ! Initiate launches its party this 3rd of June at the Fuse Club and it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Initiate has for objective to promote local artists, but also needs to attract special guests. Their modus operandi is as follows : Local DJ/Local live – International DJ/International live. We can call it a “mirror programmation”.

” I think we don’t have to be ashamed of our local artists, as they can produce same qualitative shows as international artists.”


The organizers thought there was a gap in the electronic musical scene, and weren’t satisfied of this agressive house music revival as they are much more into atmospheric, “mental” things. Songs you can get lost with, more Voodoo, more Deep Techno kind of things. DJs playing this type of music rarely play at the Fuse because it’s a music which allows you to think, it’s not overwhelming or stuffy, it’s more about the depth of things.

We thought important to create a contrast between the typical industrial Club environment made of steel and concrete, so we decided to bring an organic aspect to it returning to something more natural with a decoration made of wooden boards, creepers, ropes, plants, fruit distribution at 4-5am...”

They would like to change the established fact that ruins Clubbing, Inhumanity. Because they think people just became walking ATMs, paying to get in, groups only composed of males, no females, paying to put your clothes safe in a locker, paying for drinks, you step out of the line and Bim! You’re out. For them, the enjoyment you can experience has a bit disappeared. You’re not just here to spread your money, but to enjoy yourself as well! That’s why they try to bring the human at the center of our action.


The audience is very diversified and not only composed of regular customers of the Fuse whose find back this special atmosphere that they really appreciate i.e. listening to some good, innovative music and spend a really good time in a well-crafted environment.

“There are no strangers at our parties, just friends you haven’t met yet.” That means that everybody is welcome and nobody is a stranger to another. Indeed, we love this idea of short-lived friendship, but it can become a solid one if  people meet at every occasion. We really want to bring people together, like a family, it’s very important for us to share this message.”

“We also find interesting that people have some space at our parties for themselves, as our policy is clearly not making a maximum of entries. We want them to feel at ease first, even if it means making less profit. It joins the fact that Techno music was originally an underground movement where people gathered to spend a good time together. It wasn’t for money, it was a passion before all. We like to organize our parties with that state of mind.”

“We are not really ambitious, but we want to be an alternative to other electronic music parties, that’s our ambition to continue following that way. It’s really cool to organize these parties at the Fuse because it’s THE electro Club in Belgium, so if we can organize an event every two months, it works for us!”


There is not a specific audience, but there is a rather mature one still. This could be explained by the fact that the music we played might appeal older people too because it’s less agressive, more emotional, more sensitive. The public is rather aged between 27 and 32 years old.

One of the main project of the night is called “Bétøn”. The particularity of this project is that its members or its musical style are not defined, so nobody knows what to expect! The organizers would like to finish the party with “Bétøn”. The idea is also asking to the guest artists to join us for this “Bétøn” jam session. It is something the organizers want to be underground, improvised, where the artists are invited to commune with the audience.

Feel free to check the Initiate Facebook page to get more information about their party and the present DJs.


By Len