The young Belgian genius Hamza is back with “Vibes”

Hamza aka Saucegod has released a new banger from his long awaited upcoming album 1994

Born and raised in Brussels, Hamza is definitely one of the most talented and productive Belgian rapper over the past few years. Creating and producing the most part of his tracks in his small recording studio, the Young Thug of Brussels is seen as a new lease of life within the blowing scene of French rap music. Two years after the success of his first mixtape H24 and the release of classic bangers such as La Sauce or Minimum, Saucegod is collecting tons of views on YouTube and performs in Europe and Canada.

After Godzilla and Destiny’s Child, Hamza revealed 3 days ago Vibes, new extract of his upcoming project 1994. Produced by Amir & Oz Touch (Street Fabulous) and with Nico Bellagio and Amine Ghorab in charge of the realization nothing can go wrong. The new tune is already a new classic. You better be ready, the full album 1994 will be released on October 27th.

By Max