[Festival] What is it?

WHAT IS IT? is a multifaceted festival taking place until the 2nd of April. It is dedicated to art brut (or raw art), also known under the broader term “outsider art”. And it offers exhibitions, concerts, workshops or public encounters and shifts the boundaries between Art, mental and psychic disabilities and autism. This festival raises sensitive questions about universal accessibility. After an edition in Marseille (France) in 2015, WHAT IS IT? settles in Brussels. It is organized by La « S » Grand Atelier. While today people are seeking for more artistic sincerity, the festival comes right on time!

What is art brut?

“By this we mean pieces of work executed by people untouched by artistic culture, in which therefore mimicry, contrary to what happens in intellectuals, plays little or no part, so that their authors draw everything (subjects, choice of materials employed, means of transposition, rhythms, ways of writing, etc.) from their own depths and not from clichés of classical art or art that is fashionable. Here we are witnessing an artistic operation that is completely pure, raw, reinvented in all its phases by its author, based solely on his own impulses. Art, therefore, in which is manifested the sole function of invention, and not those, constantly seen in cultural art, of the chameleon and the monkey.”

Art Brut by Jean Dubuffet, L’art brut préféré aux arts culturels, Paris, 1949

What is the program?

Exhibition : Vivre à FranDisco, BRASS – Centre Culturel de Forest
Opening on Thursday the 30th of March  at 18.30

Roundtable & exhibition : Brut ? Alice Gallery
On Friday the 31st of March: roundtable at 15.00 and exhibition opening at 18.00

On Saturday the 1st of April at 20.30

Ateliers MIMA the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art
Saturday the 1st of April and Sunday the 2nd from 11.00 until 18.00

Projection PointCulture – Bruxelles
Friday the 28th  of April at 20.00

Here is the crack, you’d better check this out: