[Festival]  I Have A Dream Exchanged & concert Lokale Helden

I Have A Dream Exchanged Festival – an event organized by Zinnema – invites you next weekend to reflect on Black History.

Zinnema supports and develops individual or collective artistic projects in Brussels and its neighborhoods.

While capital cities like New York and London have had a Black History Month for a few decades, Belgium is taking its first steps in this field. With its call for projects for I Have A Dream, Zinnema reached beyond the border of Belgium; the artistic think-tank decided to invite both artists from abroad and talents from the flat country to collaborate with one another: the pioneer of Hip-hop theater Benji Reid & the dancer and storyteller Cindy Claes, the choreographer Alesandra Seutin who will present her new solo work Giant with urban dancer FayB, and more.

It promises to be eclectic, great and colorful: dance, theater, expo, music and more!

Among other things, you’ll get to learn about the New Black Movement and the history of Hip-Hop culture thanks to Spiritchild who will be coming straight from NY. You will also get to see the premiere playing of Blackfacing/Whitewashing, co-created by Sarah Baur, Gorges Ocloo and Dirk Verstockt.

Friday the 28th of April

19.00 free entrance

Music by Lokale Helden:

GanSan & Tamount Ifassen – Afro-jazz

Eric Labat Music – Soul, Hip-hop

-Changement de theme – saison Zinnema

Saturday the 29th of April

17.00 Spiritchild (artistic hosting)

18.30 ‘Blackfacing/Whitewashing’ a creation of Sarah Baur & Gorge Ocloo (theater)


-C’est la procédure – Cindy Claes & mentor Benji Reid (dance)

-Under Compulsion – Nadine Baboy, Oriane Van den Berg, Louis Ducasse and Elsabeth Vonas (dance)

-Things aren’t always black or white – Cindy Claes (solo dance)


-Giant – Alesandra Seutin (dance & music)

-Between now and then – Kadanja (exhibition)

-A new black arts movement – Spiritchild (artistic hosting, discussion and live performance)

8,00 € / 5,00 € (2,00 € bracelet Dag van de Dans)

To book your ticket, use this online form.