Feedback – Zinneken Film

You might wonder what Zinneken is. First you can say either the Zinneken (she) or Zinneken, as you’d like. I met Léo Belaisch to talk about it – grab a seat, relax and get into the movie!

Once upon a time, a group of 25 friends, made up of technicians and artists from the cinema industry – French and Belgian Zinneken (mongrel) driven by the same enthusiasm to make movies without label or borders – decided to bring their creativity,  talents and knowledge together.

The scene goes back to 2014.

While the Zinneken members have different backgrounds, most of them ended up graduating from the INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Brussels. Of course, any stray people striving to make movies were welcome too !

During their studies they made a dozen movies but realized that they might never be gathered under the same banner – which would be such a shame.

The Acolytes therefore decided to create an association with the ambition of turning it into a production company in the future.

The association gives more than a banner; indeed, it facilitates the rent of material and provides a network – a safety net in an industry that has its own code and harsh rules. It swims against the tide promoting a collective success against the ambient individualism.

Last year in June, Zinneken organized a big screening of a dozen movies in the Vendôme cinema – a great success!

Three months ago, the premiere screening of Léo Belaisch’s movie “J’allume une blonde et tout fout le camp” was held at the Cinema Galeries. It’s a 40 minute movie, another mongrel since it is neither a short-movie nor a full-length movie. It falls between two stools. It’s about life and death, or rather, about why?  I won’t go further, I just suggest you watch it. For those who already did, stay tuned, I’ve heard another one is on its way (at least, in thought).