[Feedback] Sneazzy West, the Phœnix’ takeoff

Just like his 1995 partners in crime Nekfeu and Alpha Wann already did, Sneazzy West too is reaching great heights – ouais mec! After the unfortunate failure of his first solo project “Super” – released in 2015 and three years after “Paris Sud Minute” (1995) – the 25-year old rapper went viral with his EP “Dieu bénisse Supersound“. This record is available for free online since the end of last year. It bears the name of the independent label Supersound created by the artist himself. “Each of 1995’s MCs manages his own label” he explains.

For the rapper from the group “Entourage” this EP is a sign of renewal – or maybe even of revival. His technique has improved and thus, it allows him to better incarnate his texts, in which images and metaphors can now be found. While the Parisian artist perseveres in his ego-trip, his productions, often signed by Hugz Hefner, are the results of his desire for change.

He went further with this EP and adopted a real American and British twist – precisely what the most American 1995 MC was missing in order to flourish. Indeed, while his bro remained faithful to the New-York legacy – just like French rappers in the 90’s did – Sneazzy clearly expressed a strong desire to break this tradition and favored a filiation to Atlanta, Chicago and more recently, Toronto.

However, the real marketing boosters of this EP are the music videos. 5 videos out of the 8 tracks, each their own universe. The latest music video, N17, was recorded in black and white and was released in late January. However, it belongs to the next project which is supposed to be released in 2017: “Dieu bénisse Supersound Vol. 2“. Truth is, we’re eagerly awaiting it! The rapper is coming back, like Zizou did in 2005. Let’s hope he’ll give us something as amazing as the Brazil-France match in the 2006 World Cup – the Phoenix rose from the ashes.